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Submitted by Conner6742 1162d ago | opinion piece

The VGAs to someone who’s never watched the VGAs (Spoiler: It was AWFUL!)

This isn't a thing would should be celebrating. (Culture, Industry, VGA's 2012)

Megaton  +   1162d ago
I feel like this was filmed in 2005. Sam Jackson, Jessica Alba, Snoop Dogg, cliche intro music popularized by Kill Bill.

I guess that's mildly better than the cast of Jersey Shore and a punch-drunk Mike Tyson trying to do a bit together on stage, but it's still nowhere near "good".
Morgan_Freeman  +   1162d ago
It truly was pathetic. And that one lady messed up on Geben's name then tweeted at some random guy on Twitter saying sorry.
grailly  +   1162d ago
the worst part for me was when SLJ said that for the first time a game was nominated for a grammy and then introduced the orchestra directed by " a grammy award winner" who directed assassin's creed 3's soundtrack.

NOT ONE WORD about journey or Austin Wintory! the actual nominees for the grammys, that was so terribly misleading and ridiculously disrespectful.
Sketchy_Galore  +   1162d ago
Well, I can't get your site to load but I agree with the title. Some great trailers and great news but the overall MTVizing of the thing made me cringe. I'm getting kinda nostalgic for the days when you would be ashamed to call yourself a gamer. When IGN video reviews were done by pudgy nerds who clearly were not reading from a script and seemed intimidated by the camera in front of them. It's a shame the big money went out of the music industry or these hype monsters wouldn't be busting in on our little habit and trying to cover it in ridiculous hype and glamour.
Conner6742  +   1162d ago looks like our website is having problems at the moment. Hopefully, it should be working again soon.

Check back later if you can.
Conner6742  +   1162d ago
Ok, for one brief shiny moment, it worked for me. And, now it keeps on acting up. I'm going to contact the admin about this. Thanks for bringing this up.
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Ilovetheps4  +   1162d ago
I didn't think that the VGA's were great this year. But this article was just awful. They showed some really good trailers. And basically as soon as they showed the main character of The Phantom Pain, it caught my interest because many gamers will notice that haircut. I highly doubt that game is actually The Phantom Pain. The awards were okay, but I think most people watch it for the world premiers.
majiebeast  +   1162d ago
Backstage was the best the woman interviewing the Valve trio calling Gabe Garry classic vga's. This entire show could really do without the terrible celebrity appearance's.

You could see Dario's reaction when she said Garry.

Also later on she apologized on twitter to a Gabe Newell troll account its the train wreck that kept going.
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Megaton  +   1162d ago
That was awful. How can you be associated at all with gaming, even at the airhead host level, and not know who Gabe Newell is?
aawells07  +   1162d ago
She very much knows who Gabe Newell is. Id be nervous on live tv too and most likely slip up like she did. It was a simple mistake. Do you really think she just came up with Garry randomly?
Riderz1337  +   1162d ago
Hufandpuf  +   1162d ago
The dude-bro mentality got old quick, but it is Spike TV, I wasn't expecting everyone to dress their best and be polite. Also, games are about fun and excitement, what better way to draw in viewers than have big name people take to the stage and present great games.

My only dissapointment was the lack of attention to the games though. I mean, it is an awards ceremony, where are the awards! I think I only counted 5 awards being given out.

And the game of the decade segment was horrible. I expected them to at least acknowledge why each game was nominated.
HorrorGod  +   1162d ago
Not the best VGA's. Awesome premiers, though. I don't mind the MTV style presentation. My only major complaint is this:
They were giving awards out on the friggin' red carpet! It felt like they were trying to get as many as they could out of the way, so they would have more time for their goofy bits and premiers. Not all gamers have ADD. As the VGA's progress through the years, I hope that they decide to be a tidbit more serious as well as show ALL the awards given out.
Riderz1337  +   1162d ago
Man they didn't even show some of the semi big awards such as best handheld game and best racing game. I mean maybe next time they should spend less time putting Samuel l Jackson into video games like the Walking dead. Maybe they should show all of the awards at the *shocker* VIDEO GAME AWARDS SHOW. At least acknowledge the hard work and dedication the developer has gone through. This is what I hate about the VGA's. They did the same thing last year. Spending more time inserting last years host in games like assassins creed rather than handing out awards. What a joke.
HorrorGod  +   1162d ago
I agree. If they had time to show ALL the awards, even with all the goofy stuff in between, I wouldn't have a problem with it. But to be like "Hey, we're just going to give you your award on the red carpet or after the show/backstage, because we need time for these comical bits" is disrespectful to those nominated.
Rupee  +   1162d ago
Yeah those awards felt reeeeally awkward too. The voice actors thought they were getting pranked or something. I mean, really? How much of an "honor" is it to get an award on the carpet? It would seem kinda insulting like you're not important enough for the real show... I think I'd almost rather get it in the mail.
gamer7804  +   1162d ago
This was far better than previous year's shows though, i thought the vgas were more focused on gaming , aside from snoop being there for who knows why...
RyuX19  +   1162d ago
It was okay, but that fake ass audience, the fake ass actors like he guy that introduced The Phantom Pain sucked. Especially Jessica Alba ugh.
Riderz1337  +   1162d ago
I actually want developers to introduce their own games or even introduce games that are being developed by someone else. Why do they have these random actors who don't know shit about video games. Seriously it's so bad because you can tell they are reading the description of the game they are about to show through a teleprompter. The only reason they get this high profile people to go to the VGA's is because it will attract viewers.
ExitToExisT  +   1162d ago

-Commercials sucked
-Celebs who has no interest in games talking through scripts
-Almost no awards given
-Stupid dialogs related to gaming.

The complete thing is like aimed to target the 13 year old audience. I'm 21 and gaming is my biggest passion and hobby. I get really annoyed when they make people say like 'i love blowing heads off' 'this game is so badass' ext. i hate these kind of childish stuff.
BigStef71  +   1162d ago
A thing that annoyed me about is they still keep stereotyping gamers as nerds. People who play games are just like everyone else. We're not a bunch of socially awkward rejects that live in our parents basements. Most of us actually provide a service to society. Another thing I found annoying is why do they keep getting celebrities who probably have never touched a videogame in their lives to present for this show? Its just awkward when they talk. Finally man Samuel L Jackson was a really annoying host. I mean at first he was funny but then he just kept spouting F-Bombs and it got old pretty quick
zerocrossing  +   1162d ago
So people still watch the Spike VGA's? I thought we were all unanimous in the fact that they are taking the piss.
azshorty2003  +   1162d ago
I just remember the first year they did this, they stated it wouldn't be like the other award shows where they waited till the end to announce the 'Big' winner. In this case being GOTY. And the winner was Madden.....o.O...2 mins into the show I turned it off, and never watched another year.
floetry101  +   1162d ago
Ugh, I watched a couple of minutes just to catch a few trailers (Last of Us, Lords of Shadow 2 and Bioshock Infinite) and although those trailers were great, it was set against some of the most embarrassing, over-produced garbage I've ever seen from an awards show. The way they blow it up for a mainstream audience rings so false. All awards shows in general are masturbatory/self-congratulato ry, but Spike takes it to another level.

Don't get me started on Geoff Keighley though.
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HacSawJimThugin  +   1162d ago
It was corny ass hell but Los 2 and Dark Souls 2 trailers I liked very much...can't wait.
lorcraven  +   1162d ago
Compared to last year's vga, and this year's e3, I actually found this year's a lot less cringe worthy.

Though I do feel that it's more of a celebration of how marketing can demolish creative integrity. Rather than a celebration of the industry, which is the reason we have award shows.

If you want a professional award show for the industry I'd look no further than the video game baftas, makes the vgas look like a kids show.
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