The VGAs to someone who’s never watched the VGAs (Spoiler: It was AWFUL!)

This isn't a thing would should be celebrating.

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Megaton1776d ago

I feel like this was filmed in 2005. Sam Jackson, Jessica Alba, Snoop Dogg, cliche intro music popularized by Kill Bill.

I guess that's mildly better than the cast of Jersey Shore and a punch-drunk Mike Tyson trying to do a bit together on stage, but it's still nowhere near "good".

Morgan_Freeman1776d ago

It truly was pathetic. And that one lady messed up on Geben's name then tweeted at some random guy on Twitter saying sorry.

grailly1776d ago

the worst part for me was when SLJ said that for the first time a game was nominated for a grammy and then introduced the orchestra directed by " a grammy award winner" who directed assassin's creed 3's soundtrack.

NOT ONE WORD about journey or Austin Wintory! the actual nominees for the grammys, that was so terribly misleading and ridiculously disrespectful.

Sketchy_Galore1776d ago

Well, I can't get your site to load but I agree with the title. Some great trailers and great news but the overall MTVizing of the thing made me cringe. I'm getting kinda nostalgic for the days when you would be ashamed to call yourself a gamer. When IGN video reviews were done by pudgy nerds who clearly were not reading from a script and seemed intimidated by the camera in front of them. It's a shame the big money went out of the music industry or these hype monsters wouldn't be busting in on our little habit and trying to cover it in ridiculous hype and glamour.

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Conner67421776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Ok, for one brief shiny moment, it worked for me. And, now it keeps on acting up. I'm going to contact the admin about this. Thanks for bringing this up.

Ilovetheps41776d ago

I didn't think that the VGA's were great this year. But this article was just awful. They showed some really good trailers. And basically as soon as they showed the main character of The Phantom Pain, it caught my interest because many gamers will notice that haircut. I highly doubt that game is actually The Phantom Pain. The awards were okay, but I think most people watch it for the world premiers.

majiebeast1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Backstage was the best the woman interviewing the Valve trio calling Gabe Garry classic vga's. This entire show could really do without the terrible celebrity appearance's.

You could see Dario's reaction when she said Garry.

Also later on she apologized on twitter to a Gabe Newell troll account its the train wreck that kept going.

Megaton1776d ago

That was awful. How can you be associated at all with gaming, even at the airhead host level, and not know who Gabe Newell is?

aawells071776d ago

She very much knows who Gabe Newell is. Id be nervous on live tv too and most likely slip up like she did. It was a simple mistake. Do you really think she just came up with Garry randomly?

Riderz13371776d ago


Hufandpuf1776d ago

The dude-bro mentality got old quick, but it is Spike TV, I wasn't expecting everyone to dress their best and be polite. Also, games are about fun and excitement, what better way to draw in viewers than have big name people take to the stage and present great games.

My only dissapointment was the lack of attention to the games though. I mean, it is an awards ceremony, where are the awards! I think I only counted 5 awards being given out.

And the game of the decade segment was horrible. I expected them to at least acknowledge why each game was nominated.

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