GDC 2008: Too Human Preview by Gametap

Gametap writes:

"Coming to the Game Developer's Conference this year, I realized I hadn't seen Silicon Knights' Too Human in person since its first appearance at E3 2005. Back then, Too Human was one of Microsoft's big new sci-fi action-RPG trilogies--along with Mass Effect--and the press and gamers couldn't get enough of president Denis Dyack and his lofty Nordic-themed creation."

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gamesblow3805d ago

Big ol' yawn.... Every site is saying the same thing. Too Human is a waste of 13 years dev time and probably more.

DarkSniper3805d ago

Too Human may have had a decent chance if it were released on Playstation in 1999 or early 2000.

Too Human, Too Bad.


sonarus3805d ago

maybe they need to scrap this game and start from scratch because i dnt think they are getting what they are looking for. The game is trying so hard to wow everyone but hardly anyone is taking notice

kewlkat0073805d ago

it's morso Fanboys of one console, that will never get this game, that are bad mouthing the game, while I "notice" the hate is nothing new. You have more Ps3 fanboys commenting on game they will never own. but nothing new of course.