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Submitted by AntDaGamer 1155d ago | opinion piece

How Gamers Could Destroy The Gaming Industry

AntDaGamer explores deep inside how gamers could destroy the gaming industry via there rants, fanboyism, and more. (PC, PS3, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

SnakeCQC  +   1155d ago
companies that don't make good games or games the consumers want should fail because they are obviously out of touch.

What is with ALL these end of gaming articles. Why do so many get approved?
wallis  +   1155d ago
Yeah it's called capitalism. Consumers have the RIGHT to reject products they deem unsatisfactory and it isn't my fault if half these companies were great developers but terrible businesses. It happens. It happens in movies, inventions, television, art, science, music and just about everything else. Talented people who don't play the game right fall flat on their face it is not some evil exclusive to video games.
lfclee  +   1154d ago
Well commented, where there is money to made the corporations that rule the world are there.
GenoZStriker  +   1155d ago
I do not understand how these type of articles get approved either. Anyone who reads the article can see that the author is basically an angry individual and who doesn't understand some simple concepts. His definition of social gaming is not what it actually is. And saying that fanboyism is destroying the gaming industry is basically saying that you have no idea how business works and why games fail.

The industry is going under for way other reasons than this. Unrealistic benchmarks for sales coupled with ridiculous budget, dangerous risks, lack of quality, zero creativity, poor/no marketing, ignoring/abusing consumers, bad business decision, bad PR, bad service and not keeping up with a new generation of consumers.

Fanboyism is the last thing that will destroy this industry.
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NexGen  +   1155d ago
If crappy "journalists" haven't killed the industry, nothing will.

Please n4g approval people...stop approving these sub high school quality "journalism" pieces. It's an intellectual insult.
j-blaze  +   1155d ago
fanboyism is the worst thing this gen especial ps3 fanboys, i mean they don’t care what the hell Sony puts out, as long it is exclusive, it is automatically the most awesome thing in the world even if it was a freaking barbie game.
they also think that graphics is, not just the gamer that are doing bad to this industry but the Japanese devs who westernize their games too
Ezz2013  +   1155d ago
i just looked at your history comments and man!!
you are the last person on earth that should talk about "fanboyism"
SnakeCQC  +   1155d ago
first party sony games are always very good compare them to 360 exclusives? i mean they are unique fun original and look great.What you always get with a sony console is good level of convergence. the ps1 had a cd player with it the ps2 a dvd player and the ps3 a bluray player that also upscaled dvds.

(im no fanboy i have a ps3 360 and a awesome pc)
rezzah  +   1155d ago
The actions of PS3 fanboyism is a result of the actions of 360 fanboyism. So who is really to blame? Lol no particular type of fanboy, just fanboys in general.

Foolish to point fingers at one aspect and ignore the whole picture.
prototypeknuckles  +   1155d ago
i agree that fanboys were bad this gen but come on ps3 fanboys were actually the best, dont you remember the 360 fanboys, oh and the nintendo fanboys came out in full force this gen.
csreynolds  +   1155d ago
"fanboyism is the worst thing this gen"

Up tot his point, you were correct. Then you went all fanboy on us, and suddenly your opinion wasn't worth much...
DigitalRaptor  +   1155d ago
It's okay guys, I wouldn't give this attention seeker what he wants. He knows what he hates and since he has the mind of an entitled child, won't budge from what he thinks is good and bad. So ignores the rest of the puzzle for the piece that he likes.

What I find funny though, is that one of the games that garnered a lot of attention from "PS3 fanboys" was Heavy Rain, due to its insanely detailed graphics. Its unique gameplay I thought was great, but according to a lot of people it has barely any gameplay, but is just an interactive movie.

But j-blaze claims to love it.

See? This is just an example of his funny double standards, and proof that anything he says is just fueled by hate before his brain actually decides to make his opinion informed.
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tsn  +   1155d ago
Games like CoD will destroy gaming.
BX81  +   1154d ago
LOL. I was just going to type... By buying COD!
Tetsujin  +   1155d ago
Gamers don't destroy gaming; Fanboys do.
ACEMANWISE  +   1155d ago
The author mentions three theories how gamers could destroy the game industry.

1) Social Gaming
2) Fanboyism
3) Income

Basically it comes down to three personal motives that drive an opinion away from the quality of a game. Though I agree the author is on the right track I believe it is part of a problem much bigger than this.

The author lists the overall problem as the first theory but the reasons are misinterpreted. Social gaming is the overall problem due to it's design. Under social gaming and it's effects there creates three theories on how gamers can destroy gaming.

1)Popularity (seems a better fit for his/her explanation)

The problem with social gaming is it is driven by too many distracting factors that have nothing to do with a video game's quality.

The followers buy games that the leaders have. Friends who have equal respect will buy games on each other's list. A gamer may buy a game because they feel everyone else is playing it. A group of people may buy a game because it has become a fashion statement...not because the game itself is good. Why? Well today's social gamer finds more value in who he plays with...not what he's playing.

Yet playing with friends is typically the lower level of the social hierarchy. Family has become the driving force this gen and it has been running this industry to a great extent. The problems still are largely similar. Games are purchased based on family members who can all play so already we are looking at age extremes. Children will cause the content to require an E rating and grandparents will cause the content to simplify. So quality isn't as important to this group as accessibility and universal acceptance are.

Social gaming and the socially driven gamer will destroy the industry in regards to quality that's true. But it will also collapse the industry when they start to lose interest. Remember that people aren't playing video games because they like video games anymore. They are playing them because of the people around them.
Nexgensensation  +   1155d ago
the gaming industry is already destroyed
all I can say is

SSB>PSASBR=digimon rumble arena
th3n00bg4m3r  +   1155d ago
Fan-boys, publishers, milking franchises and last but definitely not least, money whoring will destroy gaming.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1155d ago
"Instead of giving rants, give positive feedback and advice to improve not just to destroy the game, the console, the gaming industry."

The biggest problem I have with this line is that most gamers tend to do give advice and constructive criticism yet companies label them with insults such as "whiners" and "entitled" regardless. This is what pushes them over the edge and causes concern to become anger in an instant.

Developers and publishers tend to believe that they have "celebrity" status where they can insult consumers and the funny thing is they have tons of gamers under their wing to encourage them in these terrible practices. If any other business such as Ford or McDonalds called their customers names for giving their input for a product, the news would be all over them resulting in their companies going belly up. However, the modern game community is as masochistic as they come judging by the sales which continue to fuel the divide more and more.

So I partly agree that gamers are contributing to perverting (destroying is a little too drastic) our hobby but not in the way that its written in the article. This marred road is paved by both gamers and corporations alike.
ACEMANWISE  +   1155d ago
The industry has made the decision to move toward the masses. The masses don't whine or feel some sort of entitlement. That is why insult our particular consumer group. We are now in the minority with the threat of extinction. They know this. That is why they are changing long established franchises and pissing off their followers. They are seeking a larger audience that dwarfs ours and to them the risk of losing us is worth it.

What they do not understand yet is that the masses are a temporary group founded on social values. They are beginning to fall off the sales charts because this industry has no clue how to make them happy. They got lucky this generation and have developed an attitude because of it.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   1155d ago
Day 1 DLC, Locked on-disk content, yearly releases with minor updates are killing gaming.
Kamikaze  +   1155d ago
its destroyed because of fanboys haters and FPS"s
ghostrider32  +   1154d ago
This gen will be known for gamers blacklisting each other and arguing about the smallest things.
urwifeminder  +   1154d ago
Poor box art,sales under 1 million and over entitled petitions are killing gaming.
whoyouwit04  +   1154d ago
gamers are going to kill the industry cause most bi0tch to much over a facking ending instead of getting a life, I just spent 60 hours of my life playing the mass effect trilogy and didn't get the ending I was promise so I'm going to bi0tch to the developers and cause two of the greatest minds this industry has seen to lose their passion and quit. never mind the millions of dollars and years of there life they spent making this game, but hey I got my ending, Some gamers are strait trash. look at how they dogged RE6 and devil may cry. no one as played devil may cry yet but they continue to put it down they all ready have it in there mind that no matter what they do to this game they are not going to like it. I remember people all ways use to dog the hiphopgamer on this site but one thing he said is 100%
true, There is nothing wrong with criticism but if you do criticize
do it in a constructive way. when the industry is dead and gone you're going to look back and say dam if only we were more supportive and gave more constructive criticism and stead of saying this studio should go out of business cause they didn't make a good game, or just maybe I shouldn't been a fanboy all over one companies dicc, maybe sony and microsoft would still be in the industry.
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mochachino  +   1154d ago
They already have. Gamers don't support new IPs or gameplay innovations or even the best games. Instead the majority buy yearly sequels and spend hundreds of hours a year playing competitive MP in their favourite FPS/sports game.

The biggest sales every year have been the same games all gen - COD and choice sports game(FiFa, Madden, NBA, etc). Then "gamers" just log in MP hours till the next year iteration.

Most gamers are too cheap/ignorant to spend 60 bucks on anything but the newer version of the game they are playing already.

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