Metal Gear Online: 14 New Screens

Metal Gear Online, an exclusive Playstation 3 title, is discovered once again with these very clear images and the an already known human catapult (!) catapult, my new favourite non-weapon of the game. The quality of what you will see after the jump is incredible.

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sonarus3774d ago

dnt get me excited for metal gear online i'm already excited for mgs4 as it is. The bundle was the absolute right move by konami. Selling them apart would have made them feel like 2 separate games. I cnt wait to try this out online. Hopefully the maps are larger than portable ops

Mainman3774d ago

I think MGO is gonna be a seperate title, at least I hope it will be a seperate title.

Bazookajoe_833774d ago

Could be really good, but we will have to wait and see..

Mr PS33774d ago

This is one of many great exclusive games that is gonna crush your pathetic junkbox into oblivion
Take a look at one one the finest games ever to grace a console
Take a look at how a next gen game should look
Take a look and dream on that this exclusive will never be seen on your heap of sh!t the xbox
Just take a look and then its ok to go off sit in a corner and cry

liquidsnake3774d ago

He is kinda right you know.

achira3774d ago

looks damn awesome, cant wait for that game. it looks tactical and i love it this way! by the way awesome graphics!

sonarus3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

ppl always say mgs graphics arent spectacular but in my opinion they are better than most of the games that have been out this gen. Def better than double agent and from the last splinter cell demo i can say better than conviction as well. Which game besides killzone is supposed to have blown away graphics?

rofldings3774d ago

Looks amazing, love it - Can't wait to play it along side MGS4. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.