Dragonborn DLC map size rejuvenates Skyrim | Product Reviews When we first started playing Skyrim Dawnguard it had been interesting to find new things to do in the same world we’d explored before, which included a new story after installing the Dawnguard add-on. Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC brings with it a new map at a size that’s just right, and if you enjoyed exploring every corner of the previous map then this new area will have you playing for many more hours. We spent well over 400 hours on the PS3 version and then another 400 hours on the Xbox 360 once the DLC arrived, so we’re very grateful to see new land.

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danswayuk1958d ago

Played the DLC for around 5 hours and loving it, really nice to see a new area.

claud31958d ago

Old area with a difference, nice