Too Human Preview from GameSpy

Silicon Knights unveils more of the role-playing elements of its sci-fi action RPG.

An action RPG geared toward both the WoW player and the average hack n' slash gamer? Look out, Diablo fans.

Cut-scenes look a bit choppy; dialogue seems a bit cheesy at times; strange plot revelations confused more than intrigued.

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DarkSniper3803d ago

Cut-scenes look a tad choppy; dialogue seems a tad cheesy at times; strange plot revelations confused more than intrigued.

Has Silicon Knights wasted 10 years of their time developing a game that will receive mediocre reviews? Would this game have been a better product had it been released on the PSX console?

Dark Sniper thinks so. Graphically there isnt much difference between PS1's Too Human and 360's port.

Too Humorous indeed.


gamesblow3803d ago

This will live up to Fable's hype, easily... "hahahah" Too-Homo----milk. What a garbage ass game. I've seldom been put to sleep by a game, but this one looks like it can do it for me.

DarkSniper3803d ago

You can pretty much add Too Human to the list of many Microsoft's overhyped failures.

Halo 3, Vampire Rain, Hour of Victory, The Outfit, Burnout Paradise, Two Worlds, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Too Human. Too Human fits right along at the end of that sentence as it will reach the bottom of the garbage pile very quickly.


power of Green 3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Are you going to troll all 360 threads over the next few days?.

Why are you so nervous?. Why do you troll all the threads trying to set a negative tones?.

You say its just one of the flops yet you show great intrest in the title by trolling the threads even approving negative takes on the game when you can find them.

Your either a 14 your old boy or have issues as an adult. My bet you must be a kid based on the fact you post putting yourself in 3rd person.

DarkSniper3803d ago

Reported as Off Topic.


JasonPC360PS3Wii3803d ago

He's in the open zone DarkSniper and so are you, deal with it.

Fishy Fingers3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

WoW, lots of Too Human previews today o_O i feel like ive aready completed the game lol...

Frame rates are my only worry, i HATE frame dips!

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