Obama : Video Games As Metaphor for Underachievement

Unlike rival Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential frontrunner Barack Obama does not have a significant track record with regard to video game content issues.

His speeches, however, often contain a reference to parents making their children "put away the video games." For Obama, video games seem to serve as a sort of metaphor for underachievement.

"We're going to have to parent better, and turn off the television set, and put the video games away, and instill a sense of excellence in our children, and that's going to take some time."

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decapitator3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Unlike Hillary, this man is not for the whole idea of censoring violent games but he wants parents to do a better job of helping their children be more engaging in terms of their education.

This man wants whats best for America, he speaks the truth and the first politician I have seen that admits a mistake when they have actually made one. He's gotta be the President.

Silellak3684d ago

I hear ya. Hillary's desire to censor games worries me, to say the least.

I get the feeling she's a very "big brother knows best" sort of canidate. Personally, I think the government needs to get its OWN house cleaned up and in order before it decides to tell me what to do in MY house.

decapitator3684d ago

Not only is she that, she is too damn proud. She refuses to accept her mistakes and won't apologize for the mistakes she has done in the past, (i.e, Voting for the War), and yet she seems to think she is high and mighty above all.

ravinash3684d ago

I don't live in America, but more I hear about Obama, the more I like him.
Judging by his comments, he's not just laying all the blame on one issue for one quick fix but looking at the whole picture.

When people get older and are able to take care of them selves, then yes they have the right to do and say what they want (as long as its not spreading hatred).
But as kid, your parents should being looking after you and help guild you on the right path. and as parents you have a responsibility to teach your children how to become responsible people.
There fore you can't just put them down in front of a TV and expect it to do your baby sitting for you.

lonestarmt3684d ago

uhmm guys he isn't the first politician to say these things. In fact all of them has been quoted has saying the same thing, yet obama is the only that gets mentioned hmmmmmm

ravinash3684d ago

Never said that he was.
But if the others keep blaming games for life problems, then who else is there to turn to?
He is human and he will not have all the answers, but he does look like the only one there that can see when he has short comings and do something about it. Thats always better that pretending you know it all, and screwing everything up like your current president.

lonestarmt3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

@ above

Bush's failures should have no say on how well Obama will be a good president. Nor should it on the rebulican party. Thats stupid. Amost half of you don't even know his policies, why? because he has only been in congress for two years and is really evasive. Until he actually tells me what change he is talking about, and more importantly how is he going to do it, then people should think about him. People are jumping on his bandwagon way too fast. People want change from Bush so bad that they are projecting on Obama with no real education on where he stands on many important issues the public need to know before voting

Can't believe there is a political discussion on lol Anyway thank you for debating with me rather than fighting with me, we need more people like that on this site, bubbles for you

ravinash3684d ago

Cheers lonestarmt, bubble for you too.
It makes a nice change to have an adult conversation here for once.

I can see what your getting I can afford to be a little more free and easy about who I like because I'm not American and I don't get to vote. of course what happens in America does have repercussions around the world, so we all get the results.
I was just using Bush as an example about how the "I'm never wrong" attitude can have disastrous results.

socomnick3684d ago

This man is a fraud I cant take anything he says seriously I dont buy his whole act im voting for John McCain I dont want to see this newb run the country.

Panthers3684d ago

I would not mind Obama for President, but I would probably vote McCain too. I need to read up more on their views. The only reason I would vote McCain is that all the democrats were asked a question about torture and their answers bothered me.

Either way, I think the next president will be great. The problem with Obama is he might have Hilary as Vice President.

I dont like Hilary.

ban fans3684d ago

My biggest problem with Obama is that he never says anything. He just stands there and says "change, change, change". What does that mean. Change what, where and how? Until I actually hear him talk specifics about his policies, I can't vote for him. That's not to say I won't, it is just that at this time, I don't know anything about his political standing and I CAN'T vote for some one who I know nothing about.

Keyser3684d ago

if you listen carefully to his speeches he tells you what he plans to do (Like all politicians).

It's all hit or miss. Congress may not pass the bills that he wants to or make the changes he wants made.

The point is that you need to start doing things differently. We need to work together as Democrats and Republicans because neither party is 100% right but they both have good points. Take the best of the best ideas.

Check out his site if you want to learn about the guy. If you just want to post you don't like him, that's cool too.

TruthbeTold3683d ago

Obama is a Senator, not a Congressman... And though he hasn't been around as long as the others, that is hardly an argument against him. To him, and most of his supporters, the fact that he hasn't been around long enough to be completely corrupted by the D.C. game is a huge plus. Also, he has stated repeatedly what he means by change:

Finding a better solution for fighting terrorism than the unconstitutional Patriot act.

Changing U.S. Foreign policy away from pre-emptive, and unjustified war.

Bettering relationships with other countries through trade and diplomacy, rather than shutting others out, and arrogantly acting on our own against the best interest of the world community.

Changing lobbying laws, so that lobbyists don't own the politicians they deal out money to to such an extent.

Mandatory health care for children, since it isn't their fault they were born while making it more affordable for all; rather than making it a crime to be poor, or deciding what's best for you to do with your money even if you have very little of it.

Making wise and unselfish judgments from the get-go, rather than creating policy and public opinion designed to advance an agenda that the American people had no part in forming.

Etc. etc.

You are right that many people don't know as much about Obama as they should. You seem to be proof of that with your own ignorance about him. The whole: "He's all talk, he has no plan" argument is b.s. straight out of Clinton's mouth. Will Obama be a good President? No one can know that for sure right now. But I'll take my chances with him before I vote in someone as corrupt and two-faced as Hillary Clinton, or a warmonger like John McCain. And as we all know, it surely can't be any worse than the arrogant idiot we have running the show now.

Lifendz3683d ago

but he's equating them to laziness. C'mon man. I bust my hump all day at school and then work at night. On the weekends I like to kick back and play some games. I'm not out drinking and driving, breaking the law, or collecting welfare. I play games to relax. Once these people see that games are entertainment in the same way as TV, Movies, and to some extent books, maybe then they'll sound like something other than misinformed talking heads.

BWS19823683d ago

Completely agree.

As far as the game comment, it's meant, IMO, to alude to the fact that many are not living up to their potential. It's not a sweeping statement that they are a tool of the sloth in my view but you have to admit, young America's waistline and intellectual output could use refinement, why would we settle or not expect our futures to be more promising? Look at other countries standardized test scores, etc... I played games in high school, watched tv, movies, etc. all the time and rarely studied, got straight A's for the most part. But if I didn't, I'd have no excuses.

If he is in fact saying games are solely for the lazy, then I disagree with him; but I think moderation is more where he stands, perhaps....


and i have never cared for any of this stuff. but from what im hearing obama looks like to be a good choice . Face it americans its either hillary the fake azz ( B ) or a 73 old dude that has no business running .

MorganX3683d ago

This whole specifics argument makes me laugh. It's somewhat ridiculous at this point. All studies show that at this point voters vote on emotion unless there is a specific issue on the agenda, such as the economy and war. Other than that, it's an emotional vote about who can communicate and inspire them. Always has been.

Until you are President, it must be about your ideology. The candidates haven't even chosen running mates and cabinet members. Take the war, how specific can you be on how you will end it. Even if you want to end it, you have to sit down and be advised by the military leaders before you can get specific.

Hillary simulates specificity, but it's all a smoke screen. Becasue she can communicate and is divisive, her extreme left socialist universal health care plan has 0 change of going anywhere in America, ever. It's not even remotely possible that Americans will allow the government to force their health care plan on them and garnish their wages if they don't pay so we can pay for the health care of those who choose to be gangbangers, drug addicts and basically drains on society. I should be forced to pay for prostitute's penicillin shots? It will never happen.

That is why ideology is more important. But the old politics of making false promises to get elected if proving quite resilient as is the general ignorance of Americans. Hillary is one of the most dishones politicians ever. Up there with Nixon. And the irony of the current foreclosure problem, Whitewater was a real estate scam the Clintons made bunch of dough on. Now she's preaching against unethical practices from the mortgage industry. Hillarious. She's also railing against Wall Street... guess where Chelsea works...

On topic, parents regulatinghow mch time their kids spend playing videogames vs. homework is a problem, and it is the parents, not the game industry's repsonsibility. As is making sure their kids are not viewing inappropriate content.

MorganX3683d ago

I'm not going to state a position on the Patriot Act, butI do have to say this. It's absolutenly not unconstitutional. Do you know the consitution does not explicitly guarantee or even mention the right to privacy? It is "implied" by other rights.

judd3683d ago

"Obama is a Senator, not a Congressman."

I'm sorry, but that just makes me ignore your entire argument. If you don't realize that Congress is made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives and therefore a Senator IS a Congressman, how can you claim to have any political knowledge and expect people to listen?

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Silellak3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

He's not wrong. It's important that children learn things like TV and video games need to be taken in moderation and balanced with things like study, exercise, and social interaction.

Too many parents use TV as a substitute for good parenting, which is unacceptable. Poorly educated, poorly parented children are one of the biggest causes of our country's ills.

Armyless3684d ago

it should NOT be mandated by a politician. Government should NOT tell parents how to raise their children. Education is key here, not building a NANNY Government that dictates how you live your life.

Keyser3684d ago

as sh!tty a job parents are doing these days somebody needs to tell them something. Sure it's a dam shame that you have to but if no one says anything...

Armyless3684d ago

Teachers teach
Politicians politic

This has not changed in the entire span of recorded history.
It will not change with Obama.

Do NOT fall into ANY politician's "leadership" when he/she is telling you how to live your life. We have teachers and preachers who are more than capable of preaching and teaching.

Read this very carefullly:
A man/woman in a position of incredible power, should not be given additional power over your life. Let him/her have power in the position to which he/she belongs... in this case, the power of government. NOT the power to rule your life.

Keyser3684d ago

but that is not what a President is "supposed" to be doing anyway. The Prez is like a CEO. He's guiding the ship. Congress really has more to do with passing laws to allow real change to occur.

I'm no Democrat and I'm no Republican either. Both schools of thought are rich, bloated, and out of touch with the reality of the everyday man. I like Obama because he wasn't born rich but had to fight for what he has. Though he is successful, we're all trying to be successful. Successfulness is not always measured in wealth but the type of life we're trying to provide for our families. Obama isn't perfect but he is pushing for a change in how the government does it's business and that I am for.

I also like Huckabee because he wants to take away the dummass income tax that is really a garnishment of my wages. Unfortunately Huckabee isn't going to get the nod because he didn't get airplay early enough and the Republicans sheepishly went the McCain route.

Have you even seen Ron Paul on tv? That man gets no air play.

The government for the most part should stay out of the way of the common man but sometimes there are law's and programs that need to be in place to help people build their life.

Obama is not perfect but he is better than those other two jokers he's still competing against. Hillary and the old man who looks like he was Bernie in Weekend at Bernies.

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gamesblow3684d ago

I wouldn't vote for Obama or Hillary if my choices were vote or clip the tip of my junk off. I'd take the later.

Ron Paul is the only man to get my vote and that's that... if he doesn't make it to the vote box, then neither do I.

DarkSniper3684d ago

Dark Sniper respectfully disagrees with you. He believes that Obama is the difference maker this nation needs. Matters could be worse. Jack Thompson could run for President one day and that would be the day Dark Sniper puts his own Sniper Rifle to his head and kills himself.


decapitator3684d ago

Then you might not because he is practically holding on by a very thing thread as of right now. Ironically, even in his own state yesterday, he managed to get only 5%?!?!, that is unheard of for any candidate. I will be amazed if he continues to stay in the race at all.

lonestarmt3684d ago

well ron paul is an idiot. Anyone who says 9/11 was our own fault and it was a set up doesn't deserve to hold any political office

green3684d ago

I grew up in west africa and my TV watching was restricted to about 2 hours a day till i was 13 .(weekends as long as i wanted but it was something you do with parents supervising).

Paticipating in physical activities,eating of good food where highly promoted by my parents,cause of that i still remain physically active and Tv watching is not high.

But what is happening concerning lazy parenting is not only in the west.West Africa is now terrible as well,with parents lacking the ability to control tv viewing habits of their kids.

Blaming of videogames like some politicians do is wrong because it gives parents an avenue to turn to when their kids go bad. Its up to parents to teach kids the difference between right/wrong and fiction/reality,because at the end of the day if the kids turn out well they will take all the credit,so why not take the blame when its the opposite.

I really hope he wins.

Silellak3684d ago

I agree wholeheartidly. Everytime a politician blames music, or TV, or video games for something, it just gives bad parents an excuse to use rather than accepted they've failed their children and need to do a better job in the future.

Fishy Fingers3684d ago

Im not American, but if i was this guy would get my vote!