The Phantom Pain = Metal Gear Solid V?

IGN: The first new game revealed at this evening’s Spike TV VGA event was a project called The Phantom Pain. While it at first seemed like it could be a new IP from an unknown Swedish developer called Moby Dick Studio, it’s pretty clear at this point that The Phantom Pain is actually a Metal Gear game.

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TemplarDante1927d ago

Are people using the trailer shown for cheap hits on their sites?
How many articles like these do we need published?!?
Game Journalism fail. If it isnt an article saying it could be MGS 5, its an article saying its multiplatform. And nobody cares either way, its just being used as flamebait!

bcs7x71927d ago

A conspiracy theorist's dream.


d0nT wOrrY1927d ago

Enough of this shit articles already, we get it!