Did Ubisoft drop the ball with the Far Cry 3 map editor

Far Cry 3's map editor is good, very good in fact, but with some features purely for the entertainment of a lone creator, could the map editor have offered a lot more?

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darthkai1805d ago

Yes! And they should also give you the ability to play as sharks on the maps you create! And they should have added a creature editor too so you can make new animals for your map! And we should have the ability to add ninjas to our maps! And elephants! And put the ninjas on top of the elephants! And the AI should all handle that perfectly!


Seriously, Far Cry 3 is the ONLY shooter on consoles to have a multiplayer map editor and you're complaining creators can't do much with the AI in their maps...

OhMyGandhi1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

I absolutely love the previous far crys' map editors.
haven't had the chance to play 3 yet, but I must say that if it's anything like previous iterations, then they didn't drop the ball at all.

RaidensRising1805d ago

People are actually not complaining about anything you listed. Rather not being able to share single player content.

Majors1805d ago

Some people are never happy with what is provided..
Just play the damn game and chill