Creation of PC Gaming Alliance leaves unanswered questions

Ben Kuchera writes: "The PCGA sees a number of problems with the state of PC gaming: consumers that are confused about hardware and software requirements, the absence of any consistent source of information, the lack of a unified voice to champion PC gaming, and massive massive piracy that offsets a lot of the industry's growth. The group hopes to use its members' considerable power in the industry to change this situation. "Working together, we have an exponentially greater opportunity to propel the PC gaming experience to new heights," said Kevin Ungaust, the senior global director of Games for Windows at Microsoft.

Ars Technica asked what steps would taken to make the group real in terms of action, and the answer was less than inspiring."

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Charmers3713d ago

So basically they are going to do sod and all except sit around and argue about the different ways they can go about doing sod and all. Ah well no surprise there, we all know that MS and Epic have a hidden console agenda anyway.

Gorgon3712d ago

Oh boy. Ridiculous, is just what I have to say.