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B2C writes:

Far Cry 3, for me, is clearly the front runner for my game of the year.

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isa_scout1959d ago

Such a shame that it came out to late for the crappy VGA awards it would have taken home top prize in my opinion. Game is freakin amazing.Really happy this game surprised me by being so damn good.

finbars751959d ago

I agree it is a shame.This game has so much to offer.I liked the VGAs just not the GOTY winner which was bogus as hell.The world premiers where the highlight but the VGAs where missing FarCry3 theres no doubt about this one.It will be in next years GOTY category but will be up against games like The Last of Us ,Bioshock Infinte ect.Im sure FarCry3 will hold its own until then and wont be forgotten.

Farsendor11959d ago

how is the walking dead bogus? imo the vga show finally got it right with this goty winner

spicelicka1959d ago

Ye i'm afraid it'll be forgotten too even though it's amazingg. Sooo many games will be coming out next year, and new consoles will likely be released too so it'll have to go up against nex-gen games.

finbars751959d ago

Are you kidding?I have played the game or should I say episodes and it only caters to the walking dead fans.I guarantee that %80 of the people who voted didnt even play the dam game.This game doesnt stack up against the likes of Dishonored and the the other candidates.Its not a bad game but its not goty material.If you honestly think this is what a goty should be then maybe you dont play to many games that offer alot more story driven and originality.The walking dead just took crap from the show and innertwined it with the story.WOW theres originalty for you.Go play Dishonored,Halo4,Journey and even mass effect3 and then you can make that comment.

isa_scout1959d ago

The walking dead was awesome, however, borderlands 2 winning best multiplayer? you gotta be joking right? There is a difference in my opinion between co-op and multiplayer. Borderlands 2 is co-op, not multiplayer. Nough said

rbluetank1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

i just put down blk ops 2. i really do not know if i am going back to the game. i been hunting animal in farcry 2. i feel like "Craven the Hunter" lol i might not even start the sp mission or mp or coop in frycry 2. the hunting is amazing. truely a amazing game!