GDC 2008: Psychic Controller Hands-On by Kotaku

Kotaku writes:

"After spending half-an-hour watching an Emotive guy levitate rocks, pull down trees and make object vanish with little more than the power of his mind, it was my turn to check out Emotiv's Epoc neural detector.

The headpiece, its stiff fingers slipping through my hair to find my scalp as it was placed on my head, felt like something alien settling onto my skull to roost, perhaps before enjoying a light snack."

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Capt CHAOS3743d ago

Are we really almost there or is this just too early for April's fool?

Dudeson423743d ago

I've been reading about it for some time. They had a short demo about 6 months ago of a guy flying a plane using his mind, and he was maneuvering around different aspects of the terrain and shooting missiles just by thinking about it, it was a sight to be seen.

Check out the alt source I've added for some additional info.

Julie3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

I am in shock

gamesR4fun3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

if this tech gets good enough its gonna take over k/m and give us a new way of accessing and interfacing with everything.

Leathersoup3743d ago

... I mean... seeing as you put it on your head... and you don't use your hands... and .. yeah... nvm...

PlayStation3603743d ago

that made me laugh... bubble + for u bro. :P

Canidae3743d ago

I had no idea the technology was this far along. Cannot wait for it to come out later this year. At $300 thats a very good price for such a fine piece of technology.

Skerj3743d ago

I'm getting it, I just don't want it to like fry my brain or something.

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