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Why Dark Souls 2 has me worried (but also excited)

Digitally Downloaded writes: "One of the big announcements in the games industry in recent weeks has got to be the existence of Dark Souls II. A sequel to a game that has got to have one of the most fanatical and loyal fan bases, Dark Souls II is promising more of the same from the first game. When the first game was almost unique in its genius level design and new-age difficulty, the promise of more of the same is something to get excited about.

But." (Dark Souls 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Irishguy95  +   1083d ago
"The first concern I have is with the title itself. Dark Souls II implies that this is not going to be a break from the previous game."

Look dude, the only reason Darks souls got it's name is because it was multiplat instead of Ps3(demons souls)/ Dark souls was Demons souls 2.

Final Fantasy does the same thing. They aren't sequels, just...same series.

Also, I hope you are proven incorrect. Lets hope you are for the sake of this amazing series.
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MattS  +   1083d ago
And yet Dark Souls takes place in a completely different mythology to Demon's Souls. The implication of Dark Souls 2 is that it will take place in the same mythology.

It was a master stroke of genius From Software had going on by naming each Souls game differently and essentially creating a new mythology with each. I certainly hope this is the case with Dark Souls 2, but the name implies otherwise.

You are right about Final Fantasy being different each time, but that series really is rare, almost unique, in terms of how sequels are handled.

As I mentioned in the article - I'm certainly not complaining about the game's existence, just voicing my concerns that there's some challenges that this one is going to face to have the same impact as the other two Souls games.

And I absolutely agree. I really hope these concerns are proven unfounded. I would hate for this series to lose any of its quality and integrity.
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bicfitness  +   1083d ago
Its a direct sequel, takes place after the "good ending" (which I still have yet to go back and collect, evil bastard that I am lol).

I thought Dark Souls had enough tidbits of lore that could have made for a more cohesive, fleshed out story, so I'm excited about this change. I'd like to see a better (hopefully still highly user driven) plot. NPCs that don't just stand there and attack.

Heck, if they end up with an Elder Scrolls/ Dark Souls hybrid with all their wacky lore and cool Asian pseudo-medieval aesthetic, THAT will be the only game I ever need.
YoungPlex  +   1083d ago
Absolutely ZERO worries! Fromsoftware will only make the series better with time, and with time like most tiles with great studios, the game will outdo itself like the previous release. I have yet to put down Demon's Souls and Dark Souls even after getting Platinum. This will be a day one purchase for me, I just hope that they do a LE copy for free like the previous release. Thanks Fromsoftware!
Games4M - Rob  +   1083d ago
This guy has clearly never heard of Demons Souls.
TopDudeMan  +   1083d ago
lol what? Did you read the article?
MattS  +   1083d ago
Hi, I'm the author of the article.

Not only have I heard of Demon's Souls, but I played it multiple times. I'll even one-up you. Demon's Souls wasn't the first game in the franchise. It was a spiritual sequel to the King's Field games. Of which there are four.

Have you played those?
TiberusX87  +   1083d ago
@ Matt

The reason for the name change between Demons' Souls & Dark Souls is because Sony actually owns the rights to Demons' Souls. It was a necessary change to allow the title to go multi-platform.

If not for that, it would have been Demons' Souls II (& with this title, III). I don't think you have anything to worry about. FromSoftware are incredible.
HarvesterOSarow  +   1083d ago
I was a little concerned with the trailer. It seemed like a very mainstream hack and slash trailer, with a guy wandering an empty sewer with a torch. The combat, areas, and enemies had no resemblance to the other Souls games in any way. It was bright, there were no ickies around, and no hint at unrelenting difficulty. I would love to have my fears wiped away, but it seems like FROM is going to drive this franchise into the ground with casual gameplay, and generic elements.

I thought it looked more like a Dragon Age 3 trailer than Dark Souls.
TemplarDante  +   1083d ago
The only thing that has me worried..
Wouldve loved to have seen gameplay.. even 5seconds, BUT that wouldve made me unhealthily crave more lol.

Truth is.. the ONLY thing that has me worried is their want to draw in a casual audience/new crowd.
There is solace and hope in the Souls series for the hardcore gamer..
I hope the casuals dont ruin this.
SpinalRemains138  +   1083d ago
Let's be clear here.

This game is going to destroy the best franchise to come along in 20 years. The difficulty and brain candy is what makes the games fun. The player must critically think, not read tutorials for every single action like today's games. Souls games give players a true sense of accomplishment.

They're going to gimp this game to a level which will render it unrecognizable Im afraid.

Plz for the love of all that is holy...........let it go. Just leave it the way it is.
DivineAssault  +   1083d ago
i can understand where the writer is coming from.. I dont think Namco will crush from software like EA did to Bioware tho.. These creators are brilliant & i really REALLY hope they dont force rush this game.. We will see but i have faith in them due to this series being the very BEST RPGs of this generation..

May thine strength help the world be mended
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