Ripten GDC 08: Day Two

Via Ripten:

" Unlike most sequels, the Game Developers Conference Day 2 did not suck. The Ripten crew actually did stuff today! Amazing!

We met up in the press room to get our schedules straight (again), eat muffins, and get our daily recommended allowance of Mountain Dew. Jon Zungre drew first blood by attending the Independent Games Festival Mobile Awards, making us all look bad with his go-getting initiative... "

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bigjclassic3655d ago

Al least they got to play Dark Sector online MP.
Dark Sector may be the fix for those looking for a RE4 clone.

vloeistof3655d ago

gdc has been boring so far
when is insominac presitation ???

GreeN StorM3655d ago

Well I guess it's for developers not gamers !! , I'm only curious about microsoft keynote , and about insominac presitation it's it 4:00 P.M to 5:00 P.M PST ..

* Time now PST : 9:46 A.M