Did Gamestop Grow a Heart?

"Gamestop, a store known for ripping off customers with its ridiculously low trade-in values, has reportedly increased them. Some of these increases are significant, doubling from the old trade-in value and even allowing some savvy shoppers to make a profit off of their trade-in games (if they buy used copies from other sources)."

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konnerbllb1995d ago

They do this once or twice a year, it's a promotion.

Y_51501994d ago

no they never seemed to give you over 40 dollars for a game.

SolidGear31994d ago

Probably because of all the negative ads that obviously directed towards them from Gamefly.
"$9!? I just spent $60 on it?! "
Nerd rage ^_^

Ryu75051994d ago

No, it never happened to me when I trade my games at Gamestop. But sometimes, one of my friend did got ripped off for an very low trade value on a PS3 game. He's not doing another trade again. I was shocked when he said that. For me, I'll continue dealing with Gamestop, but I'll sign up for Best Buy Gaming Zone later this month! At least they don't do ripoff like Gamestop does.

RioKing1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )


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