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Reasons why the PS4 will be the first console I buy with my money

As we draw nearer to the launch of the next round of powerful console upgrades from the likes of Microsoft and Sony, the profound effect of this is that when these consoles land on our retail shelves they won’t come cheap and because of how much they will cost many gamers will have to make the choice of buying one to forgo the other completely or wait till when the price drops in order to be able to buy at a later date. (EA, Next-Gen, PS3, PS3 Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset - Elite Edition, Sony, Tech)

DivineAssault  +   715d ago
because it will be awesome & ill be there buying it too..
MikeMyers  +   715d ago
We know nothing about it or the next Xbox. Far too early to be joining the bandwagon just yet. What I do know is I will be holding off on getting a Wii U until it gets more games I want.

The best thing to do is wait at least a year to see how the software support is going to be and how the hardware materializes. Everything from hardware failures, to online support and how the multiplat games turn out.
bumnut  +   715d ago
Mike, you do realise that people on this site would worship a dog turd if it had a sony label on it.

They will blindly support them no matter what. I liked my PS3 & 360 and will probably get a PS4 or 720. I too am going to wait and see what each has to offer.
The_Infected  +   715d ago
If everyone waited a year to purchase a next gen console as you say then they wouldn't exist because they couldn't survive a year with no buyers. It's best to just buy the next gen consoles and enjoy the ride until things get better. It may take time but its well worth it.
Morgan_Freeman  +   715d ago
When has a PlayStation system not been awesome? PS1, PS2, and PS3 were all the best systems of their generations.
MikeMyers  +   715d ago
Well, let's see shall we? A $600 price tag for starters. Which relates to my comment on waiting since the prices will go down. The PS3 also had YLOD issues, not nearly as widespread as RROD on the Xbox 360. So again waiting is key as they get the bugs and kinks worked out. Another issue was 3rd party games that often didn't come out as well as they should have. Seeing as how most games on any platform come from 3rd party publishers I would think this too would be a reason to wait.

Sony is also in a very unfamiliar territory with it's financial crisis. We have no idea how far they want to push the next hardware, if they are willing to take a loss on the units or what direction they want to go with things like cloud services looming.

I am a consumer first and foremost. I am not one to jump on any bandwagon early on solely based on history. History doesn't always repeat itself and I focus on the games, not who created the systems.
BitbyDeath  +   715d ago
Here's the answer to your question.

"We've never been first. We've never been cheapest. It's about being the best,"

"the number one goal is to be the best machine and that's what we're always focused on."

DOMination-  +   715d ago
They didn't focus on being the best with ps1 or ps2. In fact arguably the ps2 was the weakest console last gen. Even the dreamcast was more powerful.

Yet we all know how it turned out. If PS4 is a cheaper less powerful console i think it'll do better. I just hope the rumours about SCE London being involved are true because Japan knows nothing about making a good OS
Tsar4ever  +   715d ago
My worry is for reason #4, remember SONY, is not designing the HARDWARE this time so their expertise won't apply for the FAILER RATE for the orbis.
BitbyDeath  +   715d ago
Last i heard, Ken Kutaragi who made the PS3 is designing the PS4.
secretcode  +   715d ago
As opposed to your parent's money? Money taken from a Salvation Army bucket? The possibilities are endless!
Games, core games, cloud games and free games.

Free multi-player. Un matched quality in first party games for ps4 that are not shooters.

everything else MS wins(like bing & halo 5)!
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TheCookieMonster  +   715d ago
You do realize that Google is backing the PS Orbis.
Riderz1337  +   715d ago
Bing? Is that really supposed to be a selling point for the Next Xbox? If so, I loled.
TheCookieMonster  +   715d ago
I agree! bubbles
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stage88  +   715d ago
Cannot wait for PS4 to come, I have a feeling it will have the best hardware out of all next gen consoles again.
Kur0  +   715d ago
no way of truly knowing that yet.
execution17  +   715d ago
think I'll start saving soon, so I won't be like how I did with the PS3 and go for broke ^^" well worth the $650
crazysammy  +   715d ago
I was only able to buy my PS3 because I got lucky in one hand of cards at the casino. BAM $1500 one hand. I tipped the table and went to the store!
Theo1130  +   715d ago
Based on the ps3, it will be the last console ill buy.
iistuii  +   715d ago
Barca mes que un club
Theo1130  +   715d ago
yeah, they're all divers.
secretcode  +   715d ago
Si, bueno.


Como esta? Me llama es hungry. No es dinero. No mas llama. Si Alpaca.
dcortz2027  +   715d ago
Yeah, they are cheaters as well, Real Madrid!
Npugz7  +   715d ago
No way!! The Xbox 720 for me all the way!
stage88  +   715d ago
Even after everything Microsoft has done this generation?
Riderz1337  +   715d ago
Let me just tell you my one reason why I will be buying the PS4. Naughty Dog is a first party publisher for Sony. Nuff said.
r21  +   715d ago
Dont forget Sucker Punch, Sony Santa Monica, Polyphony Digital and a bunch more great first party studios :D
Riderz1337  +   715d ago
Oh yes of course Sony has tons of great first party studios. Guerilla games, Media Molecule, SCE Bend Studio, SCE Japan/London/Cambridge/San Diego studios and a bunch of others. I didn't forget those studios seeing as each of them has at least one ip that I love. Sony is in such a good position to have amazing launch titles for PS4. Sucker Punch and Guerilla Games have been quiet for quite some time now =P.
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r21  +   715d ago
Hahaha thanks for expanding the list XD Most the Sony Studios have made really great exclusives and thats why Im pumped for PS4/PSV so much :D Cant wait for SP and GG has in store for us huge fans! One thing that i do know bout their IP, imma buy them with no hesitation >:)
Thefreeman012  +   715d ago
ill wait at least 6 months after both release to make my decision. i have a xbox 360 and it has been great except for the monthly fee's of coarse. if the NeXtbox has backwards compatability it might really persuade me tho
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   715d ago
A positive Sony article on N4G? I need to sit down a minute.
Good reasons that I agree with for investing in the PS4 but I can think of another. Sony's. declaration of making the PS4 'developer-friendly' - something that will provide a solid foundation for the new console.
DarkBlood  +   715d ago
though im getting one anyways a legend of dragoon announcement of sorts would get me to get it IMMEDIATLY
BigStef71  +   715d ago
Not gonna be an early adopter for either console. I went with 360 first this gen. I will most likely go with ps4 next gen and then consider buying the 720 after
JBSleek  +   715d ago
I'll personally but the Nextbox first but both consoles will be cool but I find it slightly idiotic that there are reasons for unannounced consoles.

You are likely to but the console that your friends game on anyway.
Hicken  +   715d ago
How is it idiotic?

You know whether you like the company making it or not.

You know who's gonna be making games for it(based on first party studios, at the very least).

You know the track record of the hardware releases for the company.

And that's before even looking at the list the author came up with, which is a VERY understandable set of reasons.

As for the "friends" thing, that's true for some. Some people buy whatever their friends get. Some people buy whatever the hell they want. But, in either case, who's to say the author's friends won't be getting a PS4?

For that matter, who's to say he won't be the first among his friends to grab one of the next-gen consoles?

Edit: Always? Perhaps not. But the reasons for optimism outweigh the reasons for skepticism. Of course, it helps to be cautiously optimistic, but there's really no reason NOT to expect things to continue.

Anything COULD happen, but right now, everything we DO know points toward a console worth buying next generation.
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JBSleek  +   715d ago
So we can always assume great things because of a past product?

Like how Vista was supposed to be great after XP.

Or how Ubuntu 12.4 was supposed to be the answer

Or how no one gave the Xbox 360 a chance after the original Xbox

r the decline of innovation from Apple iPhone.

It seems pretty plausible to never take what happened past as anything and actually wait till we have concrete answers.

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