Is the Nintendo Wii U specs a disappointment or something to be happy about?

Prior to the launch of the Nintendo Wii U, a lot of speculation was made about the specs of the console. Some said it was going to be 5 times more powerful than current gen consoles, while others speculated that it was going to be 3 to 4 times as powerful as the Xbox 360. It wasn’t until recently when the console was hacked by a hacker named Marcan and the specs were revealed to the public.

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OneAboveAll1960d ago

From what i'v seen and been playing the graphics are fantastic. Obviously first party games are going to look the best. I mean I like the graphics in Nintendo Land. I know it's not realistic it's down to the arts tyle but the lighting and shaders look amazing. Mario is nice and crip looking as well.

The gpgpu is what is going to make games look great.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31960d ago

I'm ready for my mind to be blown by a new Metroid Prime.

SilentNegotiator1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Developers looking to the future: "Disappointment"
Armchair Experts/Fanboys: "ZOMG Next-gen awesomeness! Just you WAIT!"

If all you want is a system that's barely more powerful than current gen systems, fine. But don't act like you know better than people who develop professionally, is all I'm saying. Stop hyping the GPGPU.

dougr1960d ago

I'm fine with something just more powerful than the current systems of ps3 and xbox because...well...I already have something that is much more powerful than the xbox and ps3 probably combined. The games on the Wii U are great fun, that is all that matters. It's not like people buy Wii's to play the GTA's and Uncharted's, they buy them to play Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, etc.. PS4 isn't out, when it is, I'll buy one, but I definitely don't regret purchasing a Wii U, because without it I wouldn't get to play the latest mario/kart/party and zelda.

V0LT1960d ago

If you factor in that the Wii U is doing what the PS3/360 are doing right now out of the gate on some lousy ports what makes you think it isn't way more capable?

guitarded771960d ago

Honestly, I don't really care, and I'm a programmer (not in games). I just bought the system to play Nintendo exclusives new and old. As long as I get a Zelda in HD I don't really care if it is more or less powerful than current gen systems. I will still play my third party multi-platform games where my friends are.

On a side note, please take a second to sign the Wii U trophy/achievement petition... it is something I do care about on the Wii U. Petition at link... Thank's.

Theyellowflash301959d ago

SilentNegotiator, you got to be one of the biggest Wii U trolls on N4G. Let people enjoy their system. If you only care about graphics fine then. The Wii U is FINE. The graphics look good. And Nintendo's first party games will rock. If you don't want one... fine. But don't sit here and act like the Wii U is sh*t cause your a graphics whore.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

"The gpgpu is what is going to make games look great."

GPGPU is not used for graphics...

PopRocks3591960d ago

Let me guess; you think that's the CPU's job? Please, enlighten us with your obviously accurate and infinite wisdom of modern entertainment technology.

millzy1021960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

shutUPandTakeMyMoney your an idiot who doesn't understand computer components.

herbs1959d ago

Yah because the GPU in GPGPU doesn't stand for graphic processing unit or anything right guys right >_<

Main_Street_Saint1959d ago

Actually, yes it is; according to what I seen online from various sources. If it truly can do everything they say it can do is something that remains to be seen, however.

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mdkgod431959d ago

@One mario is not crip looking my lil bro has the wii u and it looks just like the wii mario bros lots of edges and stuff

Phsychotica1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I'd just like to point out that GPGPU technology has been in most PC graphics cards for over three years and the additional performance is usually limited to specific tasks, which has at best only average effects overall and at worst no noticeable effect.

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PopRocks3591960d ago

It's neither because nothing has used the Wii U's guts to their full potential. Everything shown so far are either current generation ports, Wii developed games moved over to the Wii U, or Nintendo Land which is a compilation of tech demos turned into small games.

Give it until the first Zelda or Metroid for this thing. They'll probably look a lot smoother, lest we've all forgotten what the Zelda E3 tech demo looked like.

1upgamer991960d ago

I am good with the Wii U specs. Even this article talks about the GPGPU its muti-core NEWER tech. I wont even argue with the current gen owners. We have not seen what the Wii U is capable of yet, and I am sure that it will do some very cool things. Wii U may not be the huge step in next gen PS4 will be, but it is next gen. Also it does not have the price tag of PS4 will have (and I will buy). The gamepad makes games like BOPS2, Madden 13, a much better game (IMO). I tell people that knock the Wii U, if you have not played it (Not just demo) you have no Idea what you are even knocking. I have now rented Assassin Creed 3 for Wii U (own it for my PS3) I do like the gamepad with this game as well, It makes the game more fluid and real, having to interrupt the game less is nice. Not a deal breaker over other versions. Going forward my choice in ports will be Wii U. At least for now.

GraveLord1960d ago

Is? Really?
Go back to school man.

SilentNegotiator1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

No comma between "school" and "man"?

Go back to school, man.

lol jk

ChickeyCantor1960d ago

Isn't it more likely that the school failed him. Not the other way around?

punisher991960d ago

"Is the Nintendo Wii U specs a disappointment or something to be happy about?"

Its not a disappointment at all. But at the same time, the WiiU is not a real true next gen console. But its gpgpu does make the 360 and the PS3's GPU look dated. The WiiU does have some 1st and 3rd party 1080p games. That right there might make Sony and MS release their consoles next year or early 2014. So you've gotta give Nintendo their respect for being able to do 1080p.

wishingW3L1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

GPGPU is a technique to offload CPU work to the GPU; it's not a chip. If it were a chip then it wouldn't need a CPU... And there isn't a single Wii U game running at 1080p. In fact the ports has been running at lower frame-rate than even the PS3 which is the console with the lowest frame-rate when it comes to multiplats.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31960d ago

Monster Hunter on Wii U runs at 1080p and if I'm not mistaken, 60fps.

lilbroRx1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

There are currently 9 or 10 confirmed native 1080p games on the Wii U.

Rayman Legends
Toki Tori 2
Nano Assault Neo
Monster Hunter 3G Ulimate
Little Inferno
Might Switch Force: Hyper Drive
Transformers Prime
Skylanders Giants
Sonic All-Stars Racing

I can't remember the rest at the moment. I'll have to look them up.

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