‘Journey’ Wins Numerous VGA Awards Including Indie Game of the Year

As many of you likely know, tonight was the night of the Spike Video Game Awards hosted by none other than Samuel L. Jackson. As with every year the VGAs bring great recognition to many games across the industry, but one award always lies near and dear to our hearts (for obvious reason), Best Independent Game. This year we saw Journey from thatgamecompany edge out Dust: An Elysian Tail by Humble Hearts, Fez by Polytron, and Mark of the Ninja by Klei Entertainment. In addition to this great award Journey also took home Best PS3 Game, Best Original Score, and received nominations for Best Downloadable Game, Best Graphics, Best Song in a Game and Game of the Year.

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Riderz13371776d ago

Well deserved. I would have raged hard if it didn't win best original score considering the soundtrack was nominated for a Grammy haha =P.

NewMonday1776d ago

hopefully this game goes on to influence and inspire game design, it is absolutely magical

iamnsuperman1776d ago

Which is a shame to not see it win their GOTY

Jaydepps1776d ago

I was honestly surprised The Walking Dead won Game of the Year. I was expecting them to pick something more mainstream such as Assassin's Creed III or Mass Effect 3. I never though The Walking Dead had a chance.

Jaces1776d ago

Yea, The Walking Dead was a surprise. I honestly had Dishonored winning GOTY. VGA's are getting worse each year.

MikeMyers1776d ago

I'm glad these smaller games are outshining the big blockbusters that are often just sequels. It's time for the big guys to take more chances.

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AKS1776d ago

Journey may be my favorite game overall of 2012.

NBT911776d ago

For what it is yeah. I think the reason it wouldn't win any official awards is that, well a video game should be fun to play right? And while journey is a stunner aesthetically and in terms of design, the actual core of it is not fun in the traditional sense of the word.

I mean I loved Journey and it deserves all the praise it gets for it's artistic flare but it's still more fun to mindlessly shoot aliens than it is to walk across a desert.

AKS1776d ago

"'s still more fun to mindlessly shoot aliens..."

Perhaps for you. I'm bored out of my mind with that type of game. I haven't been buying many shooters unless they offer something unique and interesting (Far Cry 3, for example, as I can play it in a variety of ways, including using stealth, in a gorgeous open world setting with lots of exploration). I ignore most of the rest of them. Unique games like Journey are actually the ones I look forward to most. The only game I was looking forward to more was The Last Guardian.

Tewi-Inaba1776d ago

Journey wins over Mark of the Ninja
Walking Dead wins a GotY award

2012 is truly the shittiest year in gaming history.

Silly gameAr1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

May be a dumb question but, what is Mark of the Ninja?

Nevermind. I hit up youtube to find it. Looks pretty cool, but I see why Journey beat it.

Jaydepps1776d ago

It is an adventure game from Klei Entertainment: http://store.steampowered.c...

Hicken1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

I hope you mean it's crappy because Journey didn't win GotY. Cuz it DEFINITELY had the quality to do so.

... or should Mark of the Ninja, which wasn't good enough to be nominated for GotY, somehow have beat Journey in a lesser category? (Though that didn't stop The Walking Dead, I suppose...)

Edit: "Interactive flash games." So, in other words, you have a limited, pathetic taste in games. Can't speak on The Walking Dead, as I haven't played it, but Journey is ABSOLUTELY deserving of the nomination, if not the win.

I imagine you haven't played any of the games you're complaining about. Which is no surprise.

Tewi-Inaba1776d ago

No I'm saying 2 Interactive Flash Games shows won a gaming award

Jaydepps1776d ago

I was pleasantly surprised to see Journey receive so much recognition from the VGAs. The game is an awesome game.

BanBrother1776d ago

Agreed. Can't stress enough how much I think they deserved it. I think a lot of people were on the fence about buying it, hopefully this spreads the word more and some other people get to experience it.

grailly1776d ago

SO much recognition? hum barely! as much as it did get awards because the internet voted, the writers of the show just didn't care. You remember how they said "one of our game of the year nominees is nominated for a grammy" and never ever proceeded to say which one? I was just disgusted with that lol

was I the only one surprised that jenova chen didn't go and get the award?

imt5581776d ago

I hope Journey will win GOTY at BAFTA.:)

knifefight1776d ago

Well it sure takes top spot at The Knifeys: Knifefight's Gaming Awards®

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