European Games Market Growing Faster than US Games Market

A 2012 report by Newzoo, a games market research firm, states that the European games market is growing faster than the United States games market. One major factor is because consumers have more devices to access their entertainment on. That along with a whole list of other factors is what is changing the games market.

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GreenRanger1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Looks like the author needs to go back to school.

GraveLord1660d ago

Led by teh PS3.
Long Live Play.

BattleAxe1660d ago

One other major factor is that countries like Spain and Greece have 50% youth unemployment.

tigertron1660d ago

More countries=bigger population=more gamers.

Psychonaughty1660d ago

Unless the countries on question are China or India, they have a very low percentage of gamers considering they each have the population of a continent.

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