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Snookies122079d ago

Wow, that is some really impressive evidence... This might just be true...

Welshy2078d ago

If you pause between 3:00 and 3:02, there is a shadowy figure hovering over "snake" as the soldier beams the torch in his face.

Is it Psycho Mantis?

Dante1122078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Looks more like Ground Zero to me (Probably just one of Kojima teasers). Looks exactly like what what shown in the demonstration awhile back as well (Graphically, as well as the guy with the "covered eye").

Welshy2078d ago

looking back at it, it may be The Sorrow further haunting Big Boss about *spoilers* all the people who died in Groznyj Grad and personally killing The Boss.

Possible a Darkness 2 style look into his mental state or possible interactive/playable nightmares that Big Boss has over the course of Ground Zeroes?

Either way, cannot fudging wait, Kojima is the master of mystery and suspense.

AngelicIceDiamond2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Yeah, I think for whatever reason its a placeholder name. Kojima didn't want to expose the actually game to the public just yet despite confirming it several months back.

Its probably just to get the masses talking before the ACTUAL reveal of MGS5.

To us the ones that know, its a brand new trailer.

showtimefolks2078d ago

its MGS when i saw the trailer there were signs

kojima is just messing with us lol

i say its for next gen systems

Knight_Crawler2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

If it is MGS5 then I hope its multiplat and next gen.

But I am really hoping its not MGS related and its a new IP by a new studio that Kojima personally put together.

I am sick of playing the same game over and over and want to see Kojima do something new and show us what he can do.

Even a reboot of MGS would be good news as the story for MGS is pretty much played out nnd even Kojima him self said that even he does not understand the story fully.

SnotyTheRocket2078d ago

Hate to burst you're bubble, but, Kojima DOES do something new with every MGS he makes....

vallencer2078d ago

If you really want something new from him, even though its technically old, play Zone of the Enders. They're great games.

ForgottenProphecy2078d ago

"I am sick of playing the same game over and over and want to see Kojima do something new and show us what he can do."

Really? Name two metal gear solid games that were exactly the same. Each is different in its own way.

belac092078d ago

so true, they are all so different that the sheer comment by pats fan is just ludicrous, the difference in the 4 main games alone is mind boggling.

Qrphe2078d ago

Well Im sure youll enjoy Rising. I bet youd enjoyed Metal Gear Acid as well.

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isa_scout2078d ago

I called MGS5 when I seen his hair and the eye patch and him crawling like a snake*wink*wink* Yeah, it's definitely MGS related.

Jio2078d ago

It's definitely Metal Gear Solid 5.

I love the series, and can't wait for the release of 5, and all of the evidence points to a new Metal Gear Solid game!

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