Rumor: Akuma In Street Fighter 4

Until more official word comes out, it seems Akuma has been spotted in Street Fighter 4, and check out what his character would look like in the new SF4.

They have kept the old tradition of leaving Akuma evil looking and demonic. He looks pretty evil from the picture, doesn't he?

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DarkSniper3805d ago

Why wouldnt he be? He's been in all of the other 3 million Street Fighter incarnations. Akuma was even present in the Street Fighter Movie based game.


Fishy Fingers3805d ago

Please let it be so...

Akuma is far and away my favourite character, i love everything about the "guy". Id love to see his new FireCracker!!

please Capcom.... pleeeeease....

boodybandit3805d ago

if Akuma wasn't in it. Definitely my favorite character.

lonestarmt3805d ago

thats what I said. If akuma and sakura arn't in it. Then I'm not.

games4fun3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

be angry if he isnt, Akuma is a great character in SF

TH3 GAM33805d ago

I would still buy SFIV just for Ryu but I would be mad if Akuma wasn't in it.

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The story is too old to be commented.