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majiebeast1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Am i glad this got delayed. This trailer was plagued with issues from unresponsive AI to choppy framerate but i have faith in irrational to fix those before launch in march.

Megaton1961d ago

Really hope you can turn off those tacky health bars. I also don't see the horrible crawling framerate during the Elizabeth convo in this video that I saw during the live broadcast.

MattyG1961d ago

The health bars aren't THAT bad, and besides they had them in Bioshock 1 and 2 too. Never heard anyone complain about them then. But I do agree, the framerate is much better in this video. It might have just been a problem with the broadcast that caused a seemingly low framerate.

Megaton1961d ago

I don't remember health bars on the enemies in the previous two, and I thoroughly enjoyed not seeing any in all the Infinite footage up until now, aside from the bar on the blimp.

EeJLP-1961d ago

The game looks really questionable. It just doesn't feel right. Some of the gameplay elements I see, and not being in Rapture. This probably should have been made into a new franchise, but we'll see.

MattyG1961d ago

It might've been something you could turn off, but when you shoot at enemies in the first two a thin arch appears over their heads. Like this; http://www.visualwalkthroug...

Megaton1961d ago

Looks vaguely familiar. I probably turned it off if I could.

EeJLP-1961d ago

I really don't remember those in the first two games, but looking at them in the trailer, it does look lame or tacky as Megaton put it.

bayonetta1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Damn only 2:23 =S

flappersack1961d ago

Any links to a HQ version?

Y_51501961d ago

"Uh hello."
This game is sounding great I'm in it for the story.

DigitalRaptor1960d ago

You're greatly underselling the game if you're not also looking to the truly awesome gameplay too. The story is but 60% of what I'm looking forward to.

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