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inf3cted11810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Honestly this was a bullshit VGA to me. Why? Because Far Cry 3 was a serious GOTY contender, and not talking about many other awards, but the game is not there.

Yet AC3 was there, and it was released like, 1 week earlier?

Anyways, if FC3 was there, it wouldve been different. This game deserves more attention.

Oh yeah, and Walking Dead only won GOTY because of the actual series and popularity. At least im glad they took COD out from many awards.

aquamala1810d ago

when they announced the nominees FC3 wasn't even out yet, I think it will have to be on next year's VGA

inf3cted11810d ago

Then theres no point in being GOTY awards. Should be called 11 month of the year awards. Makes no sense avoiding 1 month of incoming games.

Forbidden_Darkness1810d ago

That honestly never happens though. I don't think there has ever been a game released the year before nominated for anything.

Outside_ofthe_Box1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )


Yeah it kinda sucks. Games that release from late November till the end of December tend to be left out of the nominees for GOTY. Yeah, FC3 will be eligible for next year, but I doubt we'll see it nominated for GOTY with games like the Last of Us, GTA, Bioshock, Gears, and other possible currently unannounced games set to release in the fall of next year.

Rivitur1810d ago

Xenoblade chronicles came out late in US so it was put on and Gran Turismo was nominated the year after it came out.

kupomogli1810d ago

The Wii U wasn't out yet either, so why did they allow Wii U games to be voted on along with Wii games.

The VGAs are garbage and shouldn't be taken seriously.

jadenkorri1810d ago

i don't get best ps3/360 game, each one lists multiplats except journey and halo 4. Why weren't they compared to exclusives instead of multi's. Oh well VGA yet fail again.

Sarcasm1810d ago

"Best Xbox 360 Game

Assassin’s Creed III
Borderlands 2
Halo 4

Best PS3 Game

Assassin’s Creed III
Borderlands 2


pixelsword1810d ago

"Why weren't they compared to exclusives instead of multi's."

"The Wii U wasn't out yet either, so why did they allow Wii U games to be voted on along with Wii games?"


That's why.

inveni01810d ago

The Walking Dead game IS GOTY, followed closely by Journey. VGAs finally hit it this year.

EVILDEAD3601809d ago

The year after games like Bastion should have got a bigger stage, I think it's great that the VGAs voted Walking Dead at the top of the heap on the biggest stage in gaming outside of E3.

Phantom Pain was the clear game that is going to be the talk of the industry.


ABizzel11809d ago


Agreed, I believe the cutoff date is the end of November (December 2012 - November 2013). But that's exactly why I think GOTY and any similar awards should be done in January, so a full year can pass.

I thought they did a decent job with the award nominees and winners. 2012 was a solid year, but nothing compared to the last few years.

Now 2013 first half of the year is enough to make 2013 better than any year of gaming already just looking at all the high quality, high production, AAA games coming before E3.

TENTONGUN1809d ago

i believe elder scrolls oblivion came out in december then it was goty the next year. so yeah fc3 wont be ignored next vga.

MikeMyers1809d ago

I have to agree with the above comments about this being GOTY before the year has even ended. Do the Oscars come out in December?

The whole thing is just a mockery. They get actors just for their appeal and nothing really to do with gaming. You have people who slave for months if not years making these games only to have these highly paid actors get even more limelight while those who put in the real work have to watch it on TV.

It's like one big MTV video with more flash than actual substance. Meanwhile we see articles about why gamers need to grow up. Kinda hard to when we keep getting fed garbage like this.

jeseth1809d ago

As great as TWD was, I am surprised for it to get GOTY.

DragonKnight1809d ago

"The Walking Dead game IS GOTY, followed closely by Journey. VGAs finally hit it this year."

Until Dawnguard won Best DLC. A mediocre DLC that is unavailable to 1/3 the user base is somehow the best DLC?

Why does Bethesda always get a free pass and rewarded for simply trying while better devs get the shaft for putting in actual hard work?

Legion1809d ago

Correct... if a game comes out too late to be nominated then it can be nominated the following year.

Zhipp1809d ago

Why don't they hold these things in January or February?

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Forbidden_Darkness1810d ago

Assassin's Creed 3 was released over a month before Far Cry 3 came out. Games that release late November or in December always get the shaft. The same thing Happened to Gran Turismo 5 in 2010.

showtimefolks1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

VGA on spike have improved a lot over the years, i still remember when madden got GOTY lol.

i thought game of the year should have been between journey and walking dead so i am happy that finally some very under rated games got some credit and maybe getting some free advertisement time on spike will mean more sales in coming weeks for very talented devs

half-life 2 no doubt about it, but it would have been so awesome/crazy if Valve actually said now HL3 is coming in 2013 lol. That would have just been over the top crazy

nice show, finally some gameplay for castlevania lords of shadow 2. Dark souls 2 was out of no where announcement but i am glad its in development

maybe its just me but i thought the show could have used some more world premiers, like we still don't have anything for Fall 2013 besides next COD and BF4.

this pretty much confirms that sony and ms are both about to announce their new systems


they said FarCry3 came out really late and will be in consideration for 2013 GOTY but let's get real with bioshock,gta5 and last of us i doubt people will actually give it its due credit.

but i hope it gets the sales support that it deserves, its an amazing game

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1810d ago

Xbox360 exclusive has the best graphics this year. But the 360 is dead!!!

Gamer19821810d ago

Look at the contenders
Assassin’s Creed III
Halo 4

Its not the best looking game in the past 5 years let alone this year as Crysis 1 on PC blows it away however out of them 4 its a clear winner. That category was rigged was 360 to come out on top. They never let PC games in on graphics to give consoles a fighting chance and its BS.

TryMe1810d ago

No, the walking dead won because it's actually a GOOD game. Play the dang thing, before you create a ignorant opinion of it.


finbars751810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

I Actually did play the game and Im sorry if you honestly think this game stacks up against the other GOTY contenders then my friend you have no idea what a real game is about.All this was where episodes like the show that connected with there fans.Its not a bad game its just plagued with nonsense.You cant have a mediocre game that relates to the hottest show right now win based on those facts.I guarntee %80 people who voted didnt even play the game due to the fanbase.I will say that yes FarCry3 should have been nominated where its on a whole other level of gaming and would of easily have won GOTY with ease.I was more impressed by the world premiers then I was of the GOTY category.The VGAs where great this year up until they ruined it with such horseshit as The Waling Dead for GOTY.Obvisouly gamers have no clue of what a true GOTY contenders are.

DaPrintz1809d ago

Finbars is right. I have the platinum for Walking Dead, since it was just given to me. It's not really a game. I really liked the story, but it's really just a collection of choices with a little light puzzle solving. Plenty of room for this type of thing, but it's nowhere near the quality of game required for GotY.

yeahokchief1810d ago

The only thing I agree with here is Most Anticipated - GTA V.

Hitman V was my GOTY.

Max Payne 3 had the best music.

Other than these 2 I have no real objections to their winners.

And Mass Effect 3 gets best RPG? Over a blizzard game? I didn't play either of these games, but that's not looking good for blizzard. lol. All i seem to remember hearing about mass effect 3 was how horrible the ending was.

FriedGoat1810d ago

Oh dear, If hitman 5 is your GOTY you really mustn't have played much.

I miss you bloodmoney, little did I know you would be the last real hitman game :(

stone_cold1810d ago

you are right because Far cry 3 the best game i ever played and they do not put it on the list

Eiffel1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

One week earlier? Assassin's Creed III came out October 30th. As far as North America goes, Far Cry 3 came out on December 4th. That's five weeks, and only three days between until the VGA's. As anticipated the nominees were selected well before Far Cry 3's release. There simply wasn't time to have included it.

pompombrum1810d ago

I think this was the best VGA yet in terms of winners. The fact Borderlands 2 won shooter of the year is proof that the people voting are real gamers.

MYSTERIO3601810d ago

I dont under stand all the disagree, inf3cted1 is right FC3 should of a least been nominated. FC3 is a great game and they should have included them as well as Ubisoft for studio of the year.

Oh_Yeah1809d ago

They gave the walking dead game of the year?! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha spike doesn't have any cred in the video game industry after that. Goty without a doubt is Farcry 3.. Damn, they could have at least gave it to borderlands or dishonor but they gave it to a game that's all about QuickTime events? Wtf that's not a game, that's an interactive movie.

Mykky1809d ago

Have u played it? Well I have not, but I know after the experience I got with Heavy Rain that so called "interactive movies" could truly be fantastic.
I have not played Far Cry 3 either though.

8bitHero1809d ago

i found the vgas to be quite boring this year. i only watch it for the trailers and most of the stuff that was shown was stuff we already knew about or didnt interest me much. idk man, tbh maybe im just sour because i was truly hoping from the bottom of my heart there would be a teaser for fallout 4. :/

Mykky1809d ago

Bullshit indeed. This is just stupid, it is a hype contest. The game with the most hype that delivers is the game that will win. Not the game that is truly amazing and does things in a new way.

Why the flying F did ME 3 win best RPG over Xenoblade!? Well ME3 had massive hype and were the game that most people played, Diablo 3 disappointed even more than ME 3 and Torchlight and Xenoblade never got played because they were underrated.

This voting contests are just stupid.

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Jinkies1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

I can't believe Walking Dead won, it's good but it's kind of overrated in my opinion (I said Opinion), I would of liked to see Dishourned win or even Journey, hell if Borderlands 2 or Far Cry 3 was nominated I would of wanted them to win aswell. Now thats it won I doubt we'll see TT games move on from point and click games

Oh and Arkane or Gearbox should of won Studio of the Year they deserved it.

EDIT the way where the HELL was that game "Old School Gamers" would enjoy that Geoff talked about

Pretty disapointing only 3 new games were announced...worst VGAs ever.

LOGICWINS1810d ago

I believe Borderlands 2 won G4's GOTY. Gearbox got their recognition and more than enough game sales to warrant a sequel.

MizTv1809d ago

I tried to play borderlands1 so many times and I just did not like it but I must say borderlands2 was fn awesome
My game if the year hands down

Forbidden_Darkness1810d ago

Dark Souls 2 was that game i'm guessing. That's kinda the reputation it's gotten because of its difficulty compared to most games released this gen.

LOGICWINS1810d ago

Either that or Half Life 2.

Jinkies1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

When you say Old School Gamers you think of the N64, PS1 and even PS2 days...not Dark Souls.

If it was that then Geoff is now officialy a mega douche

vickers5001810d ago

"worst VGAs ever."

You've never seen a VGA award show besides this one, have you? I don't think I really need to even ask that, it's clear you haven't.

If you have, then you have horrible tastes, and one of the worst opinions I've ever had the displeasure of reading. This has been the best VGA in a while (not saying much, because they pretty much all suck, though this one sucked less than any of them that's for sure).

At least the majority of wins were actually well deserved. Borderlands 2 winning best shooter/multiplayer/male performance/best character, Journey winning best PS3 game/best score/best independent game, Dishonored winning best action adventure game, Half Life 2 winning game of the decade.

The show wasn't perfect and I disagree with walking dead being goty (though that's mainly because it's a bit slow for me, which is only a personal preference thing), but hey, at least most of the nominees and most of the awards were deserving. Remember when Call of Duty used to win EVERYTHING? You probably don't, which is why I believe you've never seen a VGA before this or last year.

Jinkies1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Mate you dont know me so dont assume things alright, ive seen alot of Vgas but this in terms of new gaming content this one sucked for me

Jeez can you come off anymore as a dick in your comment

vickers5001810d ago

"Mate you dont know me so dont assume things alright"

"worst VGAs ever."

Well if you're telling the truth that you've seen a lot of VGAs, then refer back to the other theory in my original comment. Your opinion is horrible if you believe that this VGA was the worst. And you're one of the biggest jerks on this site, I really don't need advice from you on not being a dick.

"but this in terms of new gaming content sucked"

This isn't E3, this is the VGAs. There's usually only ever 2 or 3 new things announced at these things, with a few trailers for already announced games, which we got.

Dark Souls 2 was a pretty big announcement nobody was expecting, and the announcement of a brand new game, The Phantom Pain was interesting. The rest were nice footage of anticipated games.

ShoryukenII1810d ago

Personally, I was expecting a lot more out of this VGA. For example, The Last of Us Comic-Con video was better than the one we got here. I'm not a huge fan of crazy scene to scene trailers. The Phantom Pain was cool and all but if it was MGS, then I'd rather have had a gameplay video like before. Dark Souls II was awesome. I appreciated some more BioShock Infinite gameplay but what else was there?

I kept looking at the clock for this (like Sony's E3 conference) and I felt like they were wasting a ton of time on really stupid shit. 2013 is going to be a HUGE year. GTA V, Rainbow 6 Patriots, Beyond: Two Souls, Watch Dogs and hopefully a ton of great PS Vita games. Hell, I was hoping for some surprises like Devil's Third, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, The Last Guardian and more new IPs.

TLDR; I felt like this VGA was a waste of a great opportunity.

Nimblest-Assassin1810d ago

I think he was talking about castlevania

BanBrother1810d ago


I agree. This is coming from someone who loves The Walking Dead TV show, but I think the games have become too much of a fad, and the VGA's is well known to be a popularity contest.

Best game of the decade, and Wii Sports was nominated? Lol. That is disgraceful. Who voted? All of our mothers?

I just hope the FPS Walking Dead game isn't a cheap caash in, with outdated visuals. Oh wait, NVM, Activision is publishing it. FML.

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majiebeast1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Journey should have won but it was a popularity contest where the tv show fans of walking dead bombarded the vga voting.

Cause let me get this straight Journey wins best downloadable game where TWD is also nominated but TWD wins goty.

LOGICWINS1810d ago

If I recall a similar situation happened in 09'. AC2 beat out UC2 for best Action/Adventure, but lost to UC2 for GOTY. VGAs are not to be taken seriously...just like most other award shows.

Beastforlifenoob1809d ago

UC 2 Deserved it, Best game of the gen

LOGICWINS1809d ago

Thats a different argument. We're simply talking about the inconsistencies within the VGAs. How can AC2 be a better action/adventure game than UC2, but lose to UC2 for best overall game? Doesn't make sense.

Godchild10201810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

At least this year the studio that made the game, won Studio of the Year. I like TWD, but I really wanted Journey to win. At least Journey won 3 awards, hopefully the composer wins a Grammy.

Riderz13371810d ago

The Walking Dead won best downloadable game...Journey won best independent game. But still I think Journey should have won either way. It still won 3 awards though =P

Ultraplayerxp1810d ago

Yeah, I hear you. I was really happy when Journey won best independent game, but it was in that moment that I knew that it wouldn't win GOTY.

Kran1809d ago

I didn't think the public voted for who won. I thought it was judges hired by the show :/

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wingman32x1810d ago

Kind of a very quiet night for the game reveals. Yet another hint that Next gen systems are being revealed this June.

Anyway, IDK about that GOTY award. I think there were a lot of bigger games who probably should have taken it.

NovusTerminus1810d ago

I just wanted Gravity Rush to win best handheld... Oh well, it did get nominated at least.

Glad P4:A won the award for best fighting game! That studio is good!

SandWitch1810d ago

It's kind of ironic that 3 out of 4 nominees for the best handheld game are VITA games. Because, you know, PS VITA has no games according to some people.

Tho in my opinion Golden Abyss should have been at least between the nominees.

tubers1809d ago

I agree. The gyro aiming was amazing! It's very accurate. I use that in the highest settings, instead of the right stick..

It looks amazing as well!