Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 sells only 21k copies on Wii U during November

Michael Pachter revealed during the Video Game Awards that during November the Wii U version of Black Ops 2 only sold 21k copies before the NPD tracking period ended.

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So much for all that 1080p talk crap about the U and how is the only console to do it

Skate-AK2194d ago

Pretty sure it's not native 1080p. Pretty sure it's upscaled.

jmc88882195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

Pachter is a moron.

Here's some more of sage Pachter (or is that village idiot?) wise words recently

He said Zynga has some good properties? Zynga is worthless.

He said people giving up worthless facebook to go with worthless google+? Who cares. They're both worthless.

But he said THQ in not investable.

There's been far more than 21k sales. What does he mean, gamestop sales? There were more than 7 days in November to buy it. There's also digital sales. More people

He guesses that they will put 2TB hard drives in a 720/PS4. Really? That's what they SHOULD put in. But since when did should become will? I mean if someone expects the 360 to not be sold at a loss AND be powerful AND have a Kinect 2 AND hand manipulator AND have a 2TB hard drive....then they're a moron.

He also seems to think no 3rd party games are coming to the Wii U after launch. Oh yeah he said that.

What is it about Wall Street that turns people brains to retards? I mean full on retard. Not half, FULL.

Because how Farmville (a bad clone of a 1990's game), and Zynga which is trading a billion times earnings and never made a profit is better than THQ's franchises can only be thought that way by a certifiable moron. Zynga has no future.

Did Reggie talk to Pachter to give him the scoop? No. Better wait for Nintendo's earnings to find out what was really sold. When is someone going to fire his incompetent butt.

evilbart2195d ago

Its simple maths with only a few hundred thousand wii u's sold and probably a lot of them sitting under christmas trees the percentage rate against ps3 and xbox which have around a 70 million install base is about the same,also a lot of people who bought the wii u including myself already have black ops 2,why all the negative articles spinning stories about the wii u personally I think the system is great absolutely enjoying it

bobacdigital2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

I know Pachter isnt this stupid ... but how can you compare a install base of 70m vs roughly 400k? Did he expect people who dont own the Wii U yet to purchase COD and put it as a display piece on their mantle?

By % in the first week the Wii U didnt actually do that bad... The Wii U hasnt launched in all markets like the 360 and ps3 (for first week of COD sales) .. but even then if you look at how many games each has sold by % it isnt that bad...

According to both VGchartz The xbox globally has sold roughly 10% of its base and the PS3 has sold roughly 6 to 7% of its base and that's GLOBALLY (In the first week only)... In the US both the ps3 and xbox have sold 5% or less than its 70 million in the first week ... So by comparison it isnt that bad..

I know he realizes this but people buy other games on the Wii at a faster rate than the COD franchise... Doesnt mean COD sux .. but COD and HALO DRIVE sales on the other consoles.. I wont go as far as saying its the only game people buy, but its the only game that draws that many purchases at such a fast rate..

I would go to say that the majority of the people with the Wii U already have another system and if they play COD they didnt wait to buy it on the Wii U .. plus most their friends have it on xbox or ps3 so that is obviously going to hurt the Wii U in the long run but it doesnt spell doom for it because Nintendo has 10 different properties that actually sell better than COD. COD is not going to be heavily invested into on the Wii U which means it doesnt need to sell like it does on the Xbox or PS3 ..

wiiulee2194d ago

who is that clown micheal patcher...that guy is being paid to keep sony and microsoft fanboys happy with all his negative nonsense and has no clue....the wii won last generation he predicted wrong he hopes haters help him become right this generation but he is wrong again....wiiu is a fantastic system....and call of duty selling 21,000 is nothing as the game will keep selling, the wiiu is a new system with a new install base and he should check the economy as they should deduct his pay for his ignorance.

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