Could Phantom Pain Be Kojima's Project Ogre? Or is This Ground Zeroes?

GR: By now, you should have watched, and drooled over, The Phantom Pain reveal trailer from tonight's VGAs. And while everyone else moved on and watched the rest of the reveals, I remained too intrigued by the cryptic trailer and the brain-teaser that I believe it really is.

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doctorstrange1965d ago

I'm sure I'll have a whale of a time

GrieverSoul1965d ago

I kept seing Snake going trough this mess. But his face was never zoomed in...

JonnyBigBoss1965d ago

This is MGS: Ground Zeroes. 100000000% (is 100000000% even possible?)

alexcosborn1965d ago

If this turns out to be Project Ogre... I might just flip my lid.

Der_Kommandant1965d ago

It looks like a viral video of Metal Gear Ground Zeroes

FoxHound_1965d ago

It definitely is. Remember "From Fox two PHANTOMS were born" this is EXACTLY something Kojima would do.

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The story is too old to be commented.