This is All We Know About Moby Dick Studio, Makers of The Phantom Pain

Kotaku - The Phantom Pain was a world premiere trailer out of left field—not only is that a new series, it's a new studio. Well, to most folks, anyway. Ever heard of Moby Dick Studio? Me either.

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Knight_Crawler1930d ago

Before anyone says that Kojima is trolling a MGS game, this not true.

Konami can get in serious trouble with the law if they announce a fake game studio that is not registered and get get sued by gamers for misleading them.

crxss1930d ago

@knight_crawler oh u so silly... and naive...

HammadTheBeast1930d ago


Heisenburger1930d ago

Well shrink my head and call me Ishmael...

Aren't you a buzz kill.

Murderer of buzzes.

KwietStorm1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Lmao and what jackass is going to do that? Misleading them to what, exactly? Is anyone going to go into depression when they find out it's not a new IP?

MariaHelFutura1930d ago

No offense. But I think all of this might be going over your head.

IG-881930d ago

How would they get in trouble with the law? and I don't see them getting successfully sued if they did this
I am not saying that it is the MGS game and Kojima was just trolling but I just think what you are saying is not right at all.

brettyd1930d ago

Silly Pats fan don't you know every time you get to the SuperBowl the Giants are just going to beat you?

On's definitely Metal Gear related.

SageHonor1930d ago

16 disagrees in 14 minute LOL. Even quicker than last time

isarai1930d ago

All they would have to do is buy right to the name, it doesn't actually have to exist

modesign1930d ago

i dont think gamers would sue, but i think whatever country this so called game studio is in could sue for tax evasion, and not filling with the appropriate authorities.

lashes2ashes1930d ago

No they can't. At least in the us. Company's miss lead in adds and announcements every day hello the cigarette company's have still never admitted to a link between smoking and cancer....

SeraphimBlade1930d ago

Dude, just sit back a few days and watch this play out. If we're wrong about this, you can laugh at all of us later. I'll even give you a bubble. Promise.

1930d ago
ForgottenProphecy1929d ago

how is it misleading them. Maybe it's called Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. Maybe Moby Dick was created by Konami to create this game. Technically, that's not misleading at all. It's just not saying "This is metal gear solid.

Welshy1929d ago


You're totally right dude, i feel SO disgruntled by this that i'm taking him to court! How dare he build suspense and hype around a title in an era when we know everything about every game 3 years before release!


Seriously though, chill out a little, god forbid he bring some intrigue to an otherwise Mountain Dew filled mainstream media event.

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-Mezzo-1930d ago

It's almost confirmed to be MGS & Kojima related game, though not sure if it's Ground Zeroes or some other title.

Joakim = Kojima.

Reibooi1930d ago

I'm betting whatever it is it's Project Ogre. If Project Ogre is in some way related to MGS I have no idea but it seems like a given.

In a way I kinda hope it doesn't turn out to be MGS related because what was shown looked awesome and could be it's own game easily but knowing Kojima it could just as easily be something from MGS. I really just want concrete info on what the hell it is.

exsturminator011930d ago

Yeah, I was super excited for this before everyone started saying it was a Kojima troll. Now its just, "oh, more MGS...okay..."

alster231930d ago

Im kinda bummed out thought. I was really hoping it was a new IP. I was really excited too especially how it was set up.

exsturminator011930d ago

Right there with you. Thought it looked spectacular, then heard it might be Kojima and had to write it off as more of the same.

showtimefolks1930d ago

i thought the trailer had something to do with aMGS

KMCROC1930d ago

It looks interesting may buy just for the fact it's a new IP & new studio.

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