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Hellsvacancy1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Shocking that is, I dont know if you can milk a franchise any quicker

Edit: Ooops, didnt realize it was dlc, I thought it was a full game

modesign1993d ago

im sure it will be a 29.99 DLC, due to its milking potential.

Nimblest-Assassin1993d ago

It will be broken into episodes

Each costing 7.99, or you buy the season pass for 29.99, and will act like undead nightmare for red dead, giving you a new world to explore

Personally, I only cared about this dlc, so I will pay for the episodes seperately

Knight_Crawler1993d ago

Well that escalated quickly.

This DLC BS after a couple of months a game release makes me sick.

NoobJobz1993d ago

Would you rather have it a couple of days after? That just means it was done before the game shipped. I'm not seeing the problem here. Are they supposed to release it a year later when nobody has any interest in it anymore?

League_of_Draven1993d ago

It's single player DLC. Day 1 buy.

Have they even done any single player DLC since AC2 until now? I think it was mostly just multiplayer DLC after AC2.

shammgod1993d ago

Can't wait for this! The only reason I bought the season pass was for this

Nimblest-Assassin1993d ago

They have done single player dlcs for past AC games

But they were very subpar

Ac2- Sequence 11 and 12

ACB- The Davinci Dissaperance

ACR- Lost Archives

BuLLDoG9091993d ago

ah, got bored half way through and traded it in, disagree to your hearts content suckaz

ThichQuangDuck1993d ago

That was a horrible trailer even for a teaser. Shows the same picture they released of this at launch and essentially said what if America was ruled by tyranny wow that took a lot of imagination. I am excited to play it but no point to this trailer

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