VGA10: Gearbox Celebrates Borderlands 2 Win With SHiFT Codes For All | DigitalNoob

With the two category win for Borderlands 2 at Spike’s VGAs, Gearbox is celebrating by giving away SHiFT golden key codes for everyone!


Update: Gearbox has announced that the codes are good all weekend long! Woohoo!

Update 2: They've actually released a total of FIVE SETS of codes available for each platform. Holy golden keys, Batman!

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majiebeast1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

Congrats on Shooter of the year and multiplayer game of the year and that for a game with no competitive multiplayer. Also Grats to Claptrap for character of the year and Handsome Jack's VA.

Cirran1331d ago

Claptrap is awesome and all but tiny tina stole the show in that game. Should have been her for character of the year.

ceballos77mx1330d ago

Tough choice both characters are great.

Megaton1330d ago

Agreed. Tina was much better than Clap in BL2.

ceballos77mx1331d ago

Congrats, definitely shooter of the year.

Norrison1330d ago

Totally deserved Gearbox!

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