Champions Online MMO confirmed for Xbox 360

Cryptic Studios, a leading developer of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, has announced Champions Online, a new MMO based on the popular pen-and-paper RPG Champions. Cryptic has also acquired the Champions intellectual property from Hero Games.

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InMyOpinion3713d ago

Sounds nice. Does anyone know what Champions is about?

wow143711d ago

From Cryptic's new

Here is a synopsis of the books that gave birth to Champions, think D&D Pen & Paper game, but with Superheroes instead:

And, here from Wikipedia:

I'm much happier to hear this frankly. The Marvel Universe is so chuck-full of *known* characters, with all our pre-concieved notions of them.

But Champions Universe is built around the player, you and me, *our* creation.

Its the difference between gaming in the LotR universe and WoW, WoW is about OUR creation. Dont get me wrong, I love LotR, but I'm a D&D player from way-back, I prefer my own discovery and imagination for gameplay.

Bladestar3713d ago

more MMO love for me? mmmm... thank you... thank you...

hades073713d ago

First NCsoft is producing mmorpg's for the PS3, now the developer of their City of Heroes/Villians series is making a mmorpg for the 360. Looks like it could be good time to be a fan of the genre, no matter which system you own.

GameOn3713d ago

Are you saying the people who made city of heros are now makin games for 360?

I thought it was Nc soft who made CoH.

BlackIceJoe3713d ago

GameOn I will help you out there NCSoft published the game and Cryptic made the game. But a few months back NCSoft bought the IP from Cryptic so now NCSoft can do what ever they want with the IP and there are plans that they might make a third game in that series.

Plus cool news from Cryptic I can't wait to see what they had planed for the Marvel MMO but instead put what they learned from that into this game.

wow143711d ago


I think it's pretty clear what has happened. Crypitc, looking to replace City of Heroes / City of Villians with Marvel Universe Online saw Marvel kill the deal.

Now, they've taken that same game, taken out the Marvel IP and replaced it with the Champions Universe.

Frankly, I think its terrific. Marvel has too much baggage, and they've also been pretty terrible with regards to IP claims (like, trying to trademark/copyright the term "superhero")

MS has given the green-light to see it published on Xbox 360.

ps360s3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

well mmorpg's I stick with the PC...on consoles Im 50/50 as consoles I think is best playing non mmorpg's.

Bnet3433713d ago

I'm skeptical about MMO's consoles, but we'll see. In the meantime I'm good with WoW.

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