Ninja Theory on Why Dante is Such a “Dickhead”

If there’s a single thing Devil May Cry reboot detractors criticize more than anything, it’s Dante’s controversial character changes. The initial uproar was caused over the redesign in appearance, but since then the single most community abhorred aspect of Dante has easily been his “trying too hard to be cool” personality.

Edge interviewed Ninja Theory’s technical art director, Stuart Adcock, along with their concept artist Alessandro Taini, and rather bluntly asked whether Dante is a dickhead, to which Alessandro responded:

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Jinkies1927d ago

I love how they keep digging themselfs into a bigger hole

If it's because of his past why was the other Dante not like that, Nathan Drake had been through at lot in his childhood and he's not a dick, same goes for Bruce Wayne in Batman or Marcus Fenix in Gears of War. I could go on...

Obnoxious_Informer1927d ago

To be fair - Dante was tortured (I think) Drake on the other hand was a thrill seeking pick pocketing street rat. Not familiar enough with other characters to comment.

Gaming_Guru1927d ago

Technically speaking when making a reboot, the creators can do anything they want. They can make the character a mental, the character could be immature, or the character could be Asian (race) anything is allowed.

If the reboot were to be the same as the last Dante then it would defeat the purpose of a reboot.

zerocrossing1927d ago

Im still not sure what the purpose for the reboot is, outside of Capcom being greedy pr*%ks of course

prototypeknuckles1927d ago

but then whats the point of rebooting if your going to completly change everything, just make a new ip and leave the old series alone, a reboot should have elements from the original, but still be different at the same time

EX: the legend of spyro, the new mortal kombat

Gaming_Guru1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

At Prototypeknuckles:

Well the point of the reboot is to use an already existing characters and make alterations. The thing that the reboot should maintain is the characters, and what they are, meaning if they are demons, trolls, or a superhero.

The perfect example of a good reboot would be the DC Comics superheros. The original Flash got his powers from dry ice with a costume that looked like it was made from the kitchen and no personal conflicts. The reboot had Flash in a police crime Lab when lightning struck him and the chemicals giving him his powers, and the creators gave him a personality with a one piece costume. The older superheros were perfect the reboot gave them imperfections, basically it changed for the times as science become more popular. They even brought drugs to their comics, racism (x-men brings this up a lot from Marvel), death, and everything in between.

fei-hung1927d ago

You forget this Dante is based on Tameem "I am the God of video games" Titnades.

Clearly Tameem was bullied and possiy absurd as a child which is why he behaves the way he does. Inferiority complex through and through and this is going by his own principles.

For those of faith, pray good and hard this game fails do Shitcom and Ass Theory can both learn a valuable lesson from this.

For those of no faith, do whatever you guys do to ensure the same.

godslayer4291927d ago

hes a "dickhead" because he is modeled after the developers lol

Jobesy1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Exactly, first they model his looks after Tameem Antoniades, then his cocky ass personality. Projection much?

WeAreLegion1927d ago

Dante's always been a dickhead. He's different now, but still.

HarryKawkReturns1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Yeah, don't know what devil may cry you guys have been playing, but he was kinda known for being an over-the-top, stylish dickhead. If anything, the old Dante was more obnoxious than what we have seen in the trailers for DmC. I'm just gonna reserve my judgement for the full game.

P.S.- the demo was fun. Not bad. Definitely not Devil May Cry, but that isn't a complaint, nor a word of praise. Games change. People complain when they do; when they don't fit what THEY want. Some games don't change (CoD). People complain when they don't and even more complain and hate when they DO. So just relax guys, if you don't like it, it's fine. But don't stifle the people who WANT to enjoy it.

Psychonaughty1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I think it's pathetic you have so many disagrees considering you made such a fair comment! Bubble + sir.

Godmars2901926d ago

Isn't the central complain about the game is that it isn't DMC? That NT and Capcom made such an initial big deal about making a new and exciting series that would crap all over the old when NT only ever had a rep of making "okay" games? Now with the demo DmC just looks to be "okay" when they promised better.

None of that's going to mean crap if it does manage to sell better than DMC4, but I really don't think NT's first reply of "fans are stupid" is going to help.

Godmars2901927d ago

He was a typical Japanese archetype. A softhearted tough guy who hide behind an air of cool aloofness.

Same thing for this guy, only he's a typical western archetype.

Though what really gets me in the 1%/class warfare theme the game has while its being made by a company which exemplifies class warfare on its own employees. Has as much respect for them as fans.

HarryKawkReturns1924d ago

@GodMars yeah, I totally know where you're coming from. True, and agreed. But from my experience, THE complaint was, "OMG HIS HAIR NO WAY THAT'S NOT DANTE". Then it was, "OMG!!!! HE'S HALF ANGEL NOW WTF!!!!"
Personally, I think it's a cool twist. The story could turn out a lot better than what we think, but it could go both ways. And I feel ashamed admitting it, especially with some thick ol nostalgia goggles, but the presentation and storytelling in the trailers for the new game alone are already better than what I've seen in the past 4 games.

And, @psychonaughty thank you! I appreciate that. I was expecting an even worse Agree:Disagree ratio, but I'm happy to hear someone took my comment for what it was.

ghostrider321927d ago

I wonder why Capcom even chose to reboot the series. There was nothing wrong with it.

Obnoxious_Informer1927d ago

I think Capcom felt Dante was too off putting to the Western market. I haven't played nor had any interest in the previous games, but new Dante is posed as a Western badass with a focus on rebellion which I can relate to more easily. It's a much more appealing personality to Western gamers than the aloof Japanese archetype described in another comment here.

TemplarDante1927d ago

new Dante sucks.
Maybe, NT just does not know what Cool is.

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