Watch This Speed Run Take Down Dark Souls in 32 Minutes

Kotaku - From Software's sequel will be remembered as one of the hardest games of this console generation. It took some people weeks—months, even—to make their way to the final battle of Dark Souls. This ruthless speedrun by Freddy 'Thanatos' Vasquez blows through it in about half an hour. There's some skipping but it's still a hypnotic thing to watch.

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Hellsvacancy1812d ago

Wtf was that at 28:42? wow, thats awesome, its not, but very cool, I wonder how they find these glitches?

MariaHelFutura1812d ago

THAT is the definition of insanity!!!

League_of_Draven1812d ago

I'll pass. Not really in the mood to look at mediocre games right now.

Tdmd1812d ago

Never understood the point of a speedrun. I rather take my time and progress as slowly as possible.

Ducky1812d ago

The guy's not playing the game for the first time.

It's just a self-imposed challenge that some people like doing.

admiralvic1812d ago

"True Speedruns" are done by people that have played the game WAY too much and know pretty much everything about it. Since they know what to expect, where to expect it and how to deal with it, they're able to achieve an amazing time. I believe many would agree beating Dark Souls on your first attempt in 32 minutes is not possible, where as on your 32 cycle... many would believe it without question.

ninjahunter1812d ago

Cool, but i miss that 32 minutes i no longer have.