The 9 Irritating Aspects Of Online Gaming

Have you ever faced a situation when your gaming experience is spoilt just because of a few irritating human factors during online play? Of course! We delve into the very pits of gaming hell to bring you this hateful article. We present to you…The Top 9 (We couldn't think of a 10th) Blood-curdling, Cheek-scratching, Hair-pulling, "OMFG-I-so-totally-HATE-you" irritating aspects of online gaming.

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Noodlecup3744d ago

Boy am I glad I'm a PC gamer

One thing which I dislike about online gaming in today's games is the fact that they're just too easy and noob-friendly, CoD4 is a prime example of this. It's just too easy in every game mode thanks to the lack of recoil (singleplayer has recoil, why not MP?) and the perk system. Total cakewalk.

JsonHenry3744d ago

The problem I run into is this - gaming online with a console has TOO MANY KIDS. And by kids I mean 10-18 year olds. They are extremely ( not all, but a good amount ) obnoxious to the point I mute in game voice. It is not so bad playing a game where you only hear your teammates which are usually friends of yours.

As a PC gamer, most of the time I don't have any problems at all with the people I play with. I certainly am not going to say that it is 100% immature free. But at least 80% of the people I play with are easy to get along with compared to maybe 20-30% on XboxLive or PSN.

DarkSniper3744d ago

The reason why online gaming is irritating to many is because of the immature and uninhibited XBOX Live service. Dark Sniper takes extreme pride in being able to say that he enjoys being able to play his games with a mature online community in Playstation Network.


ravinash3744d ago

Both Live and PSN can't pick and choose who can logon to their network. All they can do is kick them off if they are too offensive or ruining the experience for the other users.
As long as there is an option to mute the people you don't want to listen too, then I'm happy.
But also the people who act like racists should get kicked off because we need to tell them that this attitude is not acceptable to todays multi national multi cultural online world.
as for n00bs, well we've all been a n00b now and then...sometimes people just have bad days...sometime people are just bad.

bigjclassic3744d ago

Racist 13 year old kids, man are they the worst. I mean you can be a racist adult but at least you may have some logic behind it.

But a racist 13 year old, they have no type of logic. Its all for laughs i guess but no one laughs online about it.

Noodlecup3744d ago

There is no logic behind racism regardless of age

killer_trap3744d ago

i'm speechless and all i can say is thank you very much.

bigrob1233744d ago

i cant stand words like pwned its such a stupid word it makes no sence lol

bigjclassic3744d ago

will be apart of online gaming. Hell that's where leet came from, so asking for leet to disappear is like asking for online gaming itself to disappear.

this was my only gripe about the article because most people online now are no0bs (or casuals) and cant understand the online gaming lingo.

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The story is too old to be commented.