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Submitted by mmoattack 1163d ago | opinion piece

Ten of the Most Downright Idiotic Plot Twists in Gaming

One way you can tell whether or not a game’s narrative is a good one is through how engaging it is – whether or not it keeps you glued to the edge of your seat, eager to discover what happens next. One way that many storytellers attempt to do this is through plot twists: unexpected occurrences and subtly foreshadowed events designed to take the player by surprise. Unfortunately, pulling off a decent plot twist is no mean task – and there are plenty of writers out there who simply can’t seem to get it right. As a result, their ‘twists’ either fall flat and fail to resonate with the audience, or leave everyone scratching their heads as they try to discern what in the bloody hell just happened.

Today, we’re going to look at a few such ‘twists.’ (PC, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360)

Jinkies  +   1163d ago
"For one, everyone apparently forgot that they have amnesia. Not once did anyone question the fact that they didn’t have any memories from when they were kids. The plot twist also presents a rather troubling question: if Guardian Forces are dangerous and insidious enough to essentially damage the minds of the people who use them, then why the hell does pretty much everybody use them? "

Dosen't it explains this in the game, they knew they grew up in an Orphange they just didn't remember much about it, so they still had childhood memories but because of the GFs clouding their past memories they just don't remember tiny details like names or faces etc. It's the main reason why when they all realise they were in orphans they start to connect the dots and realise they were the people they forgot at the same orphange.

I'm pretty sure they kep on using them because they were at war, they knew what they were getting into but they still used them because they wanted to save the world.
Godmars290  +   1163d ago
The GF memory loss in relation to the main characters past is explained, but poorly. Horribly poorly. Mangled even.

So mangled in fact that no, it wasn't explained to them that they'd suffer memory loss or even needed them to fight a war. They were mercs for hire.
Hicken  +   1163d ago
It's not explicitly stated, but it IS stated that they all knew there was a cost to using GF. Aside from the main characters and final boss, you don't see ANYONE else using GF(though you DO see another group in possession of one, they never USE it), so technically who's to say that anyone around them even KNOWS the cost?

Overall, the list rather sucks. The Star Ocean twist is a mindf__k for the characters that I didn't see coming. And just because "it's all just a game," does that make it meaningless? Also, why is the picture of The Last Hope?

The MGS one also makes more sense than they give it credit for. It doesn't at all invalidate the battle between Liquid and Solid. As for the narcotics, remember Scarface? Yeah.

Not gonna go through all of them, but I don't like this list.
iamnsuperman  +   1163d ago
I am not sure how the AC3 plot twist was so idiotic. It shocked me. The only way I can think it was idiotic is that it was the big twist which happened at the beginning of the game.
ChocolateGiddyUp  +   1163d ago
I think the author is just saying the twist is weak because it kicked a fun, likable character to the curb and forced you to play as Connor for the rest of the game.

Actually I was too busy laughing at Charles and Haytham's wedding ceremony to care about the twist.

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Simon_Brezhnev  +   1163d ago
I have go agree with everything you said. I hope the next AC or some spin off we see Haytham past.
-Gespenst-  +   1163d ago
Haytham's a toff, and he's so cheesy. So many of his lines belong in some anachronistic period drama. Connor's a really strong character, I just don't get the hate.

Plus I thought the twist was really well done, and it was a relief to not have to play as Haytham anymore, you play as him for way too long and his missions are largely pretty lacklustre.
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ChocolateGiddyUp  +   1163d ago
Yeah, that's true, Haytham wasn't really that much of a character either. He was probably the only one in the game I didn't flat-out hate or feel indifferent to, though.

I thought Connor was okay until I got to the Boston Massacre part. He kills 20 or so people to make his getaway, then when Samuel Adams tells him to bribe someone to bring his heat down, he just says, "Lying is wrong."

That blew my mind.
Godmars290  +   1163d ago
And here I thought that I was literally the only person on the planet cheesed off about your character being a fifth wheel in WKC. Just some schlub dragged along for the ride.

Every time I brought up the subject I was either branded hater, an Xbox fanboy, or someone who should just shut up and play the online component. Told that PSO-like multiplayer was worth it.
Wolfbiker  +   1163d ago
Kinda like Vaan from XII?
Godmars290  +   1163d ago
Vaan diffidently had more to do than be asked to get some wine on his first day on the job.
Griffin4871  +   1163d ago
I freaking knew Star Ocean was gonna be on this list. That twist was a kick in the nuts.

By the way, at least use the appropriate image. Those are not Star Ocean TTEOT characters.
Pushagree  +   1163d ago
Just because Ocelot was hypnotized to act like liquid the whole time, doesn't mean that the rivalry between the two was rendered meaningless. The point was to show that we are what are minds are. Since Liquid pretty much got rid of his own mind and replaced it with Liquids, he pretty much was liquid the whole time. Not to mention, the rivalry between Snake and Ocelot goes back much further than between Snake and Liquid, so really, it makes more sense to have Ocelot be the final battle with Snake and have Liquid's memory in there too for the sake of nostalgia. Even though I thought MGS4 was a big mess when it came to the plot, Ocelot's background and finale was still the best part for me. Plus, that reveal made much more sense with the gritty realism of the game compared to the original "he was possesed by a ghost" explanation, which had no place with the theme of the story.
Knight_Crawler  +   1163d ago
Metal Gear...who understands it?
Solid Snake is a clone from his father, Naked Snake, now known as Big Boss for his various adventures and making his own army and nation. Big Boss was an unwilling participant in the Less Enfant Terrible project where they took his DNA and that of an Asian woman to and made a fertilized egg which needed a surrogate mother. The babies were twins and Snake's brother is Liquid Snake. Liquid was featured in Metal Gear Solid and through a series of events I will not spoil, he found his way into Revolver Ocelot (another major character in the series)'s mind. Now they are, together known as Liquid Ocelot. The mind of Liquid with the body of Ocelot. I really do suggest you play the previous games before finishing this game at least. It enhances the experience far more
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EmperorDalek  +   1163d ago
This article reminds me how bad GOW3 was.
Norrison  +   1163d ago
The story, gameplay wise it was good.
Xof  +   1163d ago
Mass Effect 3, Star Ocean 3 and Final Fantasy VIII are my pick. Of the three, I'd have to say ME3's was the worst because it was -so- bad and it immediately followed so much that was -so- good.

Speaking of ME2 and ME1, of course.
rpd123  +   1163d ago
Mass Effect 3's ending wasn't even bad. And it wasn't a twist because literally all of your options were foreshadowed like a motherf***er.
Eyeco  +   1163d ago
I'm gonna get allot of flak for this but IMO Bioshock has one of the most stupid most ludicrous most far fetched plot twists In gaming history

Put it this way , everything starts out fine your in a plane crash ,sole survivor in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean ,you then end up in some fantastic underwater utopia that has suddenly gone to hell and some guy asks you to help find his family and then GTFO. So what was wrong with that, as a story its perfect , it's somewhat believable but its fine, it could have worked like James Cameron's Aliens.

But no, about halfway into the game the story completely derails into some far fetched conspiracy ,apparently your some 4 year old test tube baby with memories implanted used as a sleeper agent , to aid your so called ally in an underwater mutant nerd civil war...

What a convoluted mess of a great concept, you don't need to have weird conspiracies , and psuedo intellectual twists to have an engrossing story. Am I the only person to have found Bioshock to be batsh!t insane.
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Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1163d ago
Midnight Resistance: You play the hero in a rebel group wants to save his kidnapped family from a scientist only to find out that he is kidnapped as a monster.............on Mars.......

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