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GR: Sine Mora fills a void in the Vita's lineup. It's an arcade-balanced, twitch title with tons of beautiful visuals and plenty of replay value. Bosses and environments are inventive and challenging, while still leaving room for noobs looking to dip their toes in the shoot-'em-up genre. Despite the unintelligible story and the fact that schmups are still quite niche, it's easy to recommend Sine Mora all over again.

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dbjj120881960d ago

I'm loving this game. It's perfect for the Vita's nice wide screen

doctorstrange1960d ago

Can't wait to play mora it when I sine off tonight.

insertcoin1960d ago

Such a great idea of a schmup. I'll have to pick this up for Xmas.

knifefight1959d ago

I haven't even heard of this? Is it download only?

Hicken1959d ago

Yeah. It was on XBL first.

SeraphimBlade1959d ago

Kinda glad I didn't get this back when it was on XBLA. Now I have another great title for my Vita!