IGN Interview: Reggie Fils-Aime on Wii Fit

With nearly 1.3 million units in homes, Nintendo's exercise-themed videogame, Wii Fit, has become one of the fastest-selling Wii titles in Japan. Now, Nintendo of America is gearing up to duplicate the success of its parent company. The U.S. subsidiary revealed this morning that Wii Fit will debut in America on May 19 for "under $100." IGN chatted with company president Reggie Fils-Aime about NOA's plans for the project. Reggie discusses how many units of Wii Fit will be available at launch, the massive marketing campaign supporting the project, and how many Wii Balance Board-compatible games are already in development.

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Fox013744d ago

not that i really give a fk about this crap, but seriously why is this taking so much time to release in other territories!? It's not like they lots of translating to do, it's just a Balance Board...

jinn3744d ago

the wii fit will break with him on it

wiizy3744d ago

cant wait for mario kart and wii fit.. the wii sales will go through the roof in 08 if supplys catch up