Nintendo Told Us All Along That Blowing On The Cartridge Wouldn’t Work

Kotaku - The popular myth has been debunked: you can't blow on cartridges to make them work. Actually, blowing on the cartridge might damage it. Sorry, folks. It's true.

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Snookies121959d ago

Dang, I used to do this all the time when I was younger... It worked in my mind at least lol!

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1958d ago

This debunks nothing. They don't even show regular NES games that blowing on it worked.

"No, don't blow on it! Buy our cleaning solution instead... ya, pay us instead of blowing on it and fixing it for free!"

I don't believe the debunk. They just want you to buy their cleaner. Blowing on NES games worked to get them fixed. All of us old school gamers KNOW this.

TheTwelve1958d ago

Amen. I have years of evidence to back it up. Game wouldn't load. Took it out. Blew on it. It worked. This happened over 100 times, easy.


Bumpmapping1959d ago

Durrr it was pin connector old news next!

LOL_WUT1959d ago

I used to put rubbing alcohol on a Q-Tip to make it work or blow on the cartridge.

Tetsujin1958d ago

As I got older I did the alcohol thing, back in Elementary/Middle School was a different story.

OneAboveAll1959d ago

It did work. Otherwise millions of people woudln't have done it when you had lint lodged in it. HUR DUR Nintards.

ApolloTheBoss1958d ago

Lol, no, I debunk your debunk. Almost everytime I'd blow on my cartridge it would work afterwards. You won't tarnish my childhood beliefs! :p

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The story is too old to be commented.