Levine Agrees, BioShock's Ending Failed

Kotaku's Brian Crecente writes:

"While interviewing Ken Levine earlier this month for my story on the use of objectivism in BioShock we talked quite a bit about the plot. Near the end of the interview I found myself compelled to tell Levine what I thought of the game."

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wageslave3657d ago

Kotaku is an anti-MS fanboy. That title is just bullshit.

""I know I'm not a game developer, I just write about games," I said to Levine, steeling myself for his reaction. "But I wasn't exactly thrilled with the ending of the game. I felt like the confrontation with Ryan, the deneumont of the story, should have probably been the game's ending. It felt like you dragged it out too much after that and it ended up watering down the experience."

Then I waited, for a second, in silence before hearing Levine say he agreed.

"I underestimated, way underestimated, the impact the story was going to have on people," he said. "I didn't realize it would change people's perspective on what to expect from gameplay."

So, Kotaku says "oh, i thought it could have been this or that" and Levine is courteous to entertain the idea.

So, he comes up with "Levine says Bioshock (ending) failed"

Kotaku sucks balls 100%

okcomputer3657d ago

Yea I agree, the title of the article is totally misleading and just flat out irresponsible journalism. While I do agree that the confrontation with Ryan was dissapointing. The big "twist" that takes up the last few hours of the game was still entertaining, although not as interesting as the first portions of the game.

And saying that Levine agreed that the ending failed is just stupid. Levine was just obviously being humble and polite and welcomed a difference of opinion. At no point did he ever say that the ending was even bad much less a failure. He just said that he overestimated how much people would enjoy the first portions of the game, and didn't think much of cutting that part short and taking the story someplace else.

fenderputty3657d ago

Either way ... Kotatku pisses fans of both consoles off. Some people think that means they're unbiassed ... I tend to just think they suck period.

deeznuts3657d ago

Funny, two months ago people were saying Kotaku were anti-Sony fanboys. Remember the whole DIVX thing?

How bout they just call it as each of them see it, and the real fanboys cry foul or fair?

DarkSniper3657d ago

Add [it] after the first two letters in shock and you have Dark Sniper's exact opinions on this overrated rubbish.


STICKzophrenic3657d ago

...what exactly is a 'Bioshitock'? I'm confused...

Rhezin3657d ago

overrated rubbish? what about that tomb raider clone rubbish called Uncharted. Or the lagfest warhawk, or just about any crappy ps3 game in its library