BioShock Infinite ending “is absolutely different to anything you’ve seen in a videogame”

PC Gamer - It will also be the most ambitious thing Irrational has ever done, according to Ken Levine, BioShock Infinite’s creative director.

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Irishguy951604d ago

The girl is actually that old guy on the poster...

And she is a figment of your imagination

1604d ago
NukaCola1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

They say "Ending" not "Endings"

Is there an implementation that there is only one? I loved the two endings of the original, being the games aren't supposed to have sequels, you can tell the story's end any way the developers want.

After seeing the time tearing, I assumed there would be a moment in the game where she ripped a hole into Rapture 60s, and the Big Daddy would come and battle the new big guy. (I forget his name)

Jinkies1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

I'm thinking it could be something like the people Bookers working for are more evil then the people on Columbia who want Elizabeth, then he's torn between his job and giving her up, then in the next game they will be the enemy.

If it's going to be something crap like Booker dies then I'm going to remeber this article

BanBrother1603d ago

Imagine if it somehow tied in to the original Bioshock/Rapture setting? That would blow me away, I would have a panic attack.

I know they say they aren't connected, but that would be absolutley amazing.

I think if there was a game to get day 1, it is this. Purely because you wouldn't want some A$$ to ruin the ending.

Jinkies1603d ago

They will be connected, I don't see why they would call it Bioshock if it's not connected. Seriously if it isn't then they may aswell of called it Areoshock or Skyshock.

-Mika-1604d ago

Omg. I hope it not complicated.

MariaHelFutura1604d ago

The story/symbolism behind Bioshock is not for the simple minded....

SageHonor1604d ago

i swear i see Mika getting owned on every article

Nimblest-Assassin1604d ago

Sure, its at Mikas expense, but you made me laugh real hard.

On topic this was supposed to be my most anticipated game of this year, and its my most anticipated for next year

HammadTheBeast1604d ago

I'm starting to think that you like being handled this way.

Stealth troll.....

Knight_Crawler1604d ago

Probably not...just some crap where the guy we play wakes up only to realize that he is sir Issac Newton and a snake comes to him telling him to eat it and no harm will come to the Jews.

zerocrossing1604d ago

"different" doesn't necessarily mean "good"

No hate, just putting it out there... Unleash your simple minded disagrees if you must.

MysticStrummer1604d ago

I've absolutely heard this before, but given the developer I won't rule it out as just PR babble. We shall see...

SageHonor1604d ago

Yeah and this is Ken we're talking about there.

BanBrother1603d ago

Ken Levine is like Peter Molyneux, except for one difference; He knows his sh!t.

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