Nintendo needs to bundle games with stand alone Wii U Game Pads whenever they go on sale

Gimme Gimme Games argues that most consumers will not be happy with the price of a stand alone Wii U Game Pad, which sells for nearly $170 in Japan. They make the case that Nintendo should bundle software made just for dual Game Pad usage with each controller to lessen the sticker shock people will have if the controller sells for $100 or more on its own.

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iamnsuperman1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

So let me get this straight. You want Nintendo to give a good free game to dampen the cost of another game pad because its too expensive. Surely that would then make the thing more expensive to compensate such a transaction. The Wii U gamepad is going to be expensive. It is essentially a tablet with very limited tablet functionality. But it will still cost a fair amount to build. What you should be hoping is Nintendo just lower the price and take less profit from another tablet than getting a free game. Which is the most plausible option?

Personally (with the two tablet game idea) I can see Nintendo really splitting the user base. If it is expensive it is essentially going to be like the motion control option from Sony and Microsoft (i.e. another expensive peripheral which the majority will not buy and so not as many games end up being made specifically for it). Nintendo could make first party games which support it as an option (like Sony did with the Move) but I can't see third parties really jumping on to it

mydyingparadiselost1997d ago

I hate to say it but I completely agree. Unless the options that are available for two gamepad usage are just mind blowing people will not pay 130 or 150 dollars for it. Third parties may throw functionality into games to support it but these won't be major enhancements and will ultimately make no real difference in the games. Nintendo will need something other than a second controller to help them compete with the next sony/microsoft consoles.

NickleDime5101997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

You guys would be right if you were not so wrong. Packaging a controller with a game proved to be a great value last generation (49.99 for wii play) that was a great game PLUS a 39.99 controller. I would have gotten the game on its own easily (good reviews and i love wii multiplayer) at the time for full value but with the package it was like getting a 90 dollar value (39.99 controller 49.99 game) for 50 dollars. Nintendo has a history of having great value with pack in games. (the first game i ever owned was Super Mario World + Super Mario All stars SNES pack-in, my younger brother and i are still trying to find out how that is even possible to fit that on one game!!!)

Fast forward to the future now!

It looks like the nintendo wiiU gamepad is going to cost somewhere around 150-180 (i doubt they would go to 200) and if they added a great game for only a 10$ increase would you get it? Keep in mind this game could be a party game that includes TANKS! 2 (the most anticipated game ever and its only like 1/10th of the game)

(if you still say no then just go jump off a bridge at this point honestly)

I can understand that some hardcore gamers (that normally play alone) do not understand how a 3rd screen in the living room can revolutionize the way people play together. They think that wiiU will be a gimmick like everyone thought the wii will be a gimmick. So i would like to end this post will some worldwide sales data that i think people forget when they try to think.

WorldWide Console Sales
Wii - 53 Million
x360 - 32 Million
ps3 - 25 Million

I just think its funny when people think nintendo needs to compete with ps3 and 360. Microsoft changed its sales model to be more like nintendo and it payed off in the long run and they expanded their market. PS3 is easily the most powerful of these systems and sold the least. Again i understand that hardcore gamers are turned off by the idea of 'just a screen'. However i think they might not even need the 2nd screen to compete with Microsony. It is just icing on the cake. Really really awesome delicious icing ;)

(i write in ()'s because i think its fun)