Paper Mario Gets Sticky - New Video Game Releases - 07/12/2012

Well this week's is a bit dull compared to last week's epic video game releases. That's partly due to the Wii U along with a whole host of games and the awesome Far Cry 3 being released.

That's not to say this week doesn't feature some cool games at all. Check out the new video game releases.

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NickleDime5101995d ago

Every time a mario rpg comes out that is not a Super Mario Rpg Legend of the Seven Stars sequel an angel looses its wings.

playnextgames1995d ago

This is a good game. There are Mexican shy guys that run away if they're alone in combat. Almost as if they are inferring they are lazy.

TheDivine1995d ago

LOL. Maybe theyre shy? Then again i like your explanation better.

GameTechZero1995d ago

Hi guys. I so wish I could play this but wont be able till until Christmas :(