GDC 2008: Hands-On with PSP's flOw by Joystiq

Joystiq writes:

"The good news is that nothing has been lost in flOw's translation to the PlayStation Portable. The bad news, however, is that something has been gained. Though the aesthetics and soothing audio of the PlayStation 3 version have been mostly preserved, SuperVillain Studios' pint-sized port has been 'gifted' with with far more precise control, courtesy of the system's analog nub."

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Cartesian3D3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

PSP users must be Happy these days... no other platform get this amount of AAA Megahit titles atonce :P

I will get a Slim one nextweek for sure ( I didnt get one till now because my studies compelled me to spend more than 8 hours a day just IN BOOKS )

after this fridey I will be FREE! :D ... yo PSP slim! Im comming!

EDIT : hmm.. wait a minute o_O ,. wrong ZONE :(

decapitator3711d ago

Another purchase to add to my already growing number of PSP games coming out this year. Is good to be a psp gamer this year.

Thanks for posting.

Sophie3711d ago

Nothing better to calm down after a hard day's work ...

squallsoft3711d ago

comming from someone that owns the ps3 version, im not sure if its going to be worth it to buy a second time....