Journey’s Grammy Nomination Is A Step Forward For The Gaming Industry

Austin Wintory’s composition for Journey becomes the first video game soundtrack nominated for a Grammy. I’ll take a look back at major moments in video games history that led up to this moment.

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clearelite1992d ago

"Journey’s Grammy Nomination Is A Step Forward For The Gaming Industry"

Personally, I don't have the most respect for the that award.

Also, mainstream media attention is not always good for the creative process.

I am however, really happy that they are getting the recognition, but hope it only changes them for the better.


Ezz20131992d ago

i really hope that it win the GOTY award from VGA

MysticStrummer1992d ago

I don't pay much attention to awards in general but whether the award is respectable or not, it's nice to see something worthy nominated. Journey has a beautiful soundtrack.

clearelite1992d ago

I agree completely, although I didn't finish journey yet.

camel_toad1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Yeh its good game music is finally being noticed but too bad they didn't notice Shadow of the Colossus. One of the best game soundtracks ever in my opinion.