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Wii U Trophy/Achievement Petition

The XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 have been good to us this generation. They’ve not only given us great games to play and new ways to play them, they’ve given us a sort of online diary to keep track of all of our wonderful experiences, and the ability to share out gaming accomplishments with other players and online social communities. The Wii U is the newest of the high definition consoles to grace us with great games and a completely new social community (Miiverse), but there’s still one thing missing… an online record of our gaming experiences and accomplishments. While trophies/achievements may not be important to every gamer, there are plenty who live for the jingle every time they earn one of the digital accolades, and Nintendo has built the perfect social application for sharing and talking about such accomplishments with Miiverse... (Nintendo, Wii U)

guitarded77  +   902d ago
Hey all. I'm having a problem getting the signature counter to work, but the e-mails are going through to Nintendo. They are already returning typical PR e-mails to petition signers. If you would like to e-mail Nintendo directly, here is the e-mail address dmca@noa.nintendo.com Thank's for your time and support on this matter. Please share this petition with your gaming friends, and on gaming message boards. If there is enough support, Nintendo may listen.
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Hisiru  +   902d ago
Trophy/achievement support is one of the reason I will ALWAYS buy multiplatform on the other consoles and yes, it's that important for me.

Give us accomplishments Nintendo.
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kristizellmer17   902d ago | Spam
guitarded77  +   902d ago

Tank's for the support, I strongly agree, but for some reason there are almost as many detractors as supporters. I don't get it... I can understand not giving a crap about trophies/achievements, but being against more features? That just blows my mind. I like my Wii U, but like you, my multiplatform games will be played elsewhere until a system is put in place. It's not about the size of my trophy/achievement score, it's just a feature Nintendo is missing at this point in time, and Nintendo Network is a perfect place for such a system.

Also, thank's to everyone else for their support below. Nintendo has received almost 350 e-mails from gamers taking the time to sign the petition today, and I haven't even promoted it except here and on IGN. If Nintendo doesn't see a demand from that, then they are clearly turning a blind eye to us.
Hisiru  +   902d ago
Achievement/trophy gives much more value to the package and it increases the replayability and competitivity.

It's something really important for millions of players nowadays. I hope Nintendo will give us an update including this kind of system.
NickleDime510  +   902d ago
I think it is silly that nintendo does not just add achievements because of how important it is to some people.

However with that said achievements mean literally nothing to me. I own 3 systems and i have yet to gain any type of satisfaction from any achievement system. I kinda think most people just use this as something to cry about.
Cam977  +   902d ago
How about calling them "Wiiwards"?
SockeyBoy  +   902d ago
Nice...what about Miiwards?
pixelsword  +   902d ago
Good one, you should go on their boards and declare that.
InTheZoneAC  +   902d ago
or Nintend.ards!

J/K, but what was Nintendo thinking? Can the casual developers not create an achievement system without such problems that they don't force it upon them for each game that comes out?
Jek_Porkins  +   902d ago
I signed it, I think its a great idea and it would be super easy for third party developers to add them since they already to them for the Xbox 360/PS3.

PS3 didn't launch with a system, but I remember a ton of complaints and eventually Sony listened, so hopefully Nintendo offers them in the future as well, it just sucks that not every game will have them from the start, which is one of the things I liked about the Xbox 360.
sway_z  +   902d ago
It seems incredibly strange that any console released post this gen doesn't have an trophy/achievement system.....
Eorl  +   902d ago
Probably because its a useless system that doesn't encourage anything besides sharing ones e-peen levels?
Eorl  +   902d ago
This is quite a pointless petition. Achievements shouldn't even be required for a game to be good, they are a useless e-peen measurement system that gives nothing of value. Who cares if you have 100 points or 10,000, it isn't going to give you anything amazing.

I like their current system, where the developer can offer achievements if they really feel the need, otherwise integrate it with Miiverse and have things like NSMBU which offers players the chance to post to the community if they've done something amazing rather then reward useless points.
Triggytrolls  +   902d ago
No offence, but I couldn't care less about achievements/trophies.
QuebecSuperstar  +   902d ago
I'm right there with you. Achievements are useless to me. They're nothing but a gimmick to convince people they accomplish something by playing videogames. I play them to have fun and I don't need any kind of reward for that.
sway_z  +   902d ago
@Triggytrolls above ...You don't care about achievements/trophies so much that you decided to comment on an article where others do care...oh please!

@Eorl...I would agree, except I can't...

You see besides bragging rights.... achievements/trophies can encourage you to play harder, better and with purpose...

Think about it....

X number Headshots unlocks trophy so you purposely target.. headshots!


Not killing/Killing/Saving someone unlocks something....so I feel they do contribute something and encourage different play styles...

If you really feel they're are useless then you can just ignore them since they cost you no more than the game you purchase....but then again it's not unknown for people on N4G to just complain about something for the sake of it.

....Present company accepted of course ;)
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Triggytrolls  +   902d ago
I own a Wii U, so I thought I would add my bit.

If it stays how it is, that's fine with me. If they add them, then cool, just make it optional.
LOL_WUT  +   902d ago
Nintendo dropped the ball again! This should've been something that was thought of when developing the console.
sway_z  +   902d ago
Dude, I respect the gaming heritage of Nintendo don't get me wrong here, but they're stuck on accessories.

I want consistent game engines and environments...improvements to actual specs/hardware. I don't care about controllers so longs as they functional.

The greatest hardware advancement Nintendo ever made was back on the SNES, and it was something called 'Mode 7' a state of the art (at the time) sprite scaling chip/technique that made the Megadrive/Genesis look silly....Sega struck back with a 3D chip inside Virtua Racer...

...and people say all the companies copy Nintendo...but Nintendo copied Sega when they made Starfox (SNES) by adding a 3D chip to the cartridge themselves...I remember...I was there (1992/3)!

IMO Nintendo will never shake tha 'Family' tag....God I miss Sega :(
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bitboi  +   902d ago
I don't think they're stuck on accessories, they want to do different things for gaming besides just focusing on graphics. I'm glad they do what they do. It sets them apart from everyone else. If they only focused on gfx, we wouldn't have industry standards on controllers like shoulder buttons, analog control, rumble etc.
3GenGames  +   902d ago
I'm an NES programmer and have dinked with the SNES hardware some. I must say, you're retarded. The "sprite scaling" and "3d" chip are the same thing, the Super FX, or GSU, or MARIO chip, depending on what you go buy. The only thing this did was run code on the cart, and use the SNES video as an output. The game either shoved the graphics from it to the PPU and used the chip to do the scaling/rotation in external (faster) hardware. Starfox used it to do polygon and 3D software rendering. It was a great advancement. But you're an idiot saying it's the greatest hardware achievement they've ever done. It's actually pretty simple, just can be used for a lot of things.

And it's worth noting that Sega's Virtua Racing didn't include any hardware, unless you count for the 32x, which is basically the same as the SNES's FX chip, just with 2 micros and much, MUCH more costly. And it had it's own power supply.

And lastly, Starfox was out way before Virtua Racer. It was really the best/first attempt of it's kind in gaming history.

ETA: And haha, Sega was just for arcade ports basically. It had a worse everything when compared to the SNES. Much less color, fewer palettes, smaller graphics RAM, everything. Until the Wii, Nintendo always had the system with the better hardware. Only exception is the N64's video, that wasn't as good as PS1, but still. At least they were trying to move ahead.
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momthemeatloaf  +   902d ago
Nintendo is slacking a bit
FinalomegaS  +   902d ago
to the people that say they want and to those that don't want or care.

This is the problem with companies, they will never please everyone. I think bring back the Wii's everyone vote channel and put questions like that up and look into them with consideration.

added features can only make you stronger!
DivineAssault  +   902d ago
It prolly wont happen.. Ill sign it for the good of the team but nintendo doesnt care about the core audience as much as casuals n children
stage88  +   902d ago
This really should have been implemented from the get go whether you're a fan of reward systems or not.
TotalSynthesisX  +   902d ago

AWBrawler  +   902d ago
Fuck achievements! We have enough elitist bastards online. I don't need them on my Wii U bragging about their trophies and waving around their e-penis

What happened to the days where we did challenges and played the hardest levels on eacch game just because? Now these new crybaby gamers need achievements for everything from first time dying, to pressed X button 100 times
Triggytrolls  +   902d ago
I used to ring up the cheat hotline ;D some games were to hard haha.

I agree with you though.
AWBrawler  +   900d ago
That just shows dedication, because those hotlines weren't cheap. Hats off to you my fellow oldschool gamer
meganick  +   902d ago
As a Wii U and 3DS owner, I would very much like to see a trophy/achievement type system on both those consoles. I don't NEED it, but it would be nice because it gives you more incentive to play the games and accomplish certain things.

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