The Divnich Tapes: Why Mario Galaxy Crashed, Call of Duty Prospered

Throughout this week, simExchange analyst Jesse Divnich is presenting exclusive Gamasutra analysis of January's hardware and software trends, using data from The simExchange, NPD, IGN GamerMetrics and GameTrailers.

The third installment compares last month's sales predictions and results for Super Mario Galaxy and Call of Duty 4.

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superman3679d ago

How the hell did Mario Galaxy crash.

forum_crawler3679d ago

Some people will believe anything, even in the face of MILLIONS of copies of the game sold worldwide. This person must be one of those people who live in a fantasy world where wii owners never buy software...

PS360WII3679d ago

Yeah I'll keep saying because it's a good phrase. People are stuck in popular perception on the Wii vs. real perception. Galaxy is selling strong and will continue to do so and 3rd party games are selling and making 3rd parties money on the Wii.

Raider20003678d ago

I don't think you ever read the report? It just says that Wii hardware sales are correlated to SMG sales. He says NOTHING about the gaming crashing, bombing, or sucking. He was just make a reference to the low wii sales.

Does anyone even read articles anyomre?

Eretik3678d ago

Compare the title of the report and the report itself.
In title SMG crashed, in report SMG sails are correlating with Wii sales. It is more than enough to be "Idiot of the month".
Btw, even correlating SMG sails with Wii yet to be proven. AT the moment it is just quess

iamtehpwn3678d ago

Call of Duty 4 was a terrible game for Online. Decent for single player.
Dear god, Call of Duty 4 is the Next Halo or GTA in terms of being HIGHLY Overrated.

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