Early Hints about a Live Anywhere Announcement?

The general manager of Microsoft's casual-games program, Chris Early has revealed a hint to what could be the announcement of Live Anywhere details. Early talked of how excited he was about the prospect of combining casual and hardcore gameplay in "asynchronous play... especially when they're separated in time." He continued: "I'd love to stand in line at the bank and play that BioShock flow game. Then come home and say, 'Ha! Take that!' I'd love to take that good casual game I played home and have that be successful there as well."

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sonarus3684d ago

is he implying you can play bioshock on ur cell????

Kyur4ThePain3684d ago

Possibly, but can you imagine what that would look / play like?

MS have been touting LIVE Anywhere since the beginning of time...I really hope they have something to show.

Joey Gladstone3684d ago

Is this speculative, or are there any hard facts to back up such a claim?? Need more info on Live Anywhere anyone??....
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

Anego Montoya FTMFW3684d ago

sounds like a NOT as good version of REMOTE PLAY.


DaddyDC6503684d ago

I really hope MS has more to reveal @ GDC 08 than this crap.

Antan3684d ago

Oops, wrong zone there fella.