Are the Spike Video Game Awards Still Relevant?

Jeff from Holygrenade wonders if Spike's excuse for an award show is still relevant.

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DERKADER1774d ago

Yeah it's relevant if you only get your gaming news/information via corporate marketing.

RoccoXIII1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Bro, all gaming news is delivered via "corporate marketing". FOX owns IGN, Viacom owns Gametrailers, CBS owns Gamespot, etc...

The VGA's has had its problems in the past, but its only ten years old and gets better each year. Stop being jaded about everything, Gamers. I'm looking forward to a night of awesome premieres and a two hour block of television dedicated to my favorite hobby. Good times.

BlindGuardian1774d ago

"Are the Spike Video Game Awards Still Relevant?"

they never were, not even close

DERKADER1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Although I do agree that most gaming information is feed to us by marketing campaigns, I would like to see a more open and direct line of communication with developers without all the unnecessary filler that advertising causes.

Flipgeneral1774d ago

"and the RPG of the year award goes to.... Madden NFL 13!!"

Persistantthug1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

It's a puerile, juvenile junk show that makes gamers look like embarrassment to gamers.

Instead of showing awards like they should be shown, they'd rather show that Felisha Day broad eating cupcakes while getting frosting on her mouth....sh17 like that.

It's about as relevant as an MTV Movie award.

Keep your eyes open for the AIAS AWARDS. That's a real Academy and is the OSCAR equivalent for the video game industry.....basically.

NukaCola1774d ago

I don't watch even them anymore. I used to tune in for the new trailers but now I can just come to N4G or Youtube as the new premiers and trailers are posted. The VGAs are useless and a complete embarrassment to gaming.

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core_51774d ago

no, it´s pure commerce ...not the games win, the most sells games win the awards ...

Ezz20131774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

really ?!
is that's why there is no halo 4 or BLOPS 2 in GOTY nominees ?!

iamnsuperman1774d ago

"The VGAs are notorious for hosting many major reveals" and here lies the problem. I find they are taken less seriously as an award show because all its has become is a public stage for reveals. If they can they should cut that and actually start doing the award show properly.

nassour1774d ago

completely agree with that, comparing the VGA to the oscars is already bad as it is, its more like the MTV awards of game, purely commercial

Son_Lee1774d ago

They were never relevant.

nutcrackr1774d ago

This, only useful for exclusive game trailers

dgonza401774d ago

So they're relevant.. Lol

MariaHelFutura1774d ago

If you love Doritos, Mountain Dew and watching actors/actresses who pretend to enjoy gaming then they're very relevant....

All I want to see is 2 games that begin w / "The Last" and one I most likely won't see, so I'll just wait and watch it when it gets posted online. I will not be tuning in to support this garbage for one minute.

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The story is too old to be commented.