Metro Last Light Genesis Trailer Teaser

Metro Last Light: Genesis Trailer Teaser

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Orpheus1996d ago

Oh my GOD that lighting , particle and weather and water surpasses Crysis3 but lags in foliage and texture though. But about the mood ... its untouchable ....

NYC_Gamer1996d ago

Metro;Last Light will crush Crysis 3 performance wise along with story and gameplay

xtreampro1996d ago

This looks good but it's tech isn't better than Crysis 3 you can tell with one look. Crysis 3 has insane amounts of detail in anything and everything.

Orpheus1996d ago

They tweeted :

note that this is time lapse, so the ground / foliage looks a bit off in fast-forward as it is being affected by winds

JohnApocalypse1996d ago

March 2013 on the bottom right