Future Shop, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart Canada Gaming Deals: December 7th – 13th, 2012

After just a couple of weeks on the market, Hitman: Absolution is already on sale for just $39.99 ($20 off). Elsewhere, there is a new Blue 3DS XL with Mario Kart 7 for $189.99.

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Dante1121990d ago

That caught my eye as well. Great news for gamers in Canada.

Relientk771990d ago

I want LEGO Lord of the Rings when its on sale. That's awesome that you can get Hitman for $40

mi_titan271990d ago

picked up lego lord of the rings for ps3 last week on amazon for 29.99

Relientk771990d ago

Nice, thats a little bit more my speed