Far Cry 3 Patch Will Let Us Remove Annoying Pop-Ups

Kotaku - And the tigers wept, and the tapirs sang: Ubisoft has confirmed that they're working on a patch for Far Cry 3 that will let players adjust or remove the game's clutter-y user interface.

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vork771962d ago

there is pop ups in the game?

DreadX221962d ago

Yes ... the real annoying pop up is the mission pop up in the top left corner reminding you of the current mission's next step. It pops up every 2 minutes.

vork771962d ago

atleast there fixing it

BlmThug1962d ago

Yeah I feel that's really annoying. Especially when i'm free roaming and it tells me to '.....' when I just read it two minutes ago

e-p-ayeaH1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

crybaby there they fixed for you

1962d ago
Christopher1962d ago

Eh, I like the UI. Not too much. Only wish I had is to open specific game windows with keyboard keys other than just "M" for map (crafting, rucksack, notebook, etc.). Oh, and if we could hotkey a different key for swapping weapons and looting a body. Sometimes it's hard to loot a body because the weapon swap takes priority and you spend time moving around the body to find the right angle to get it for looting.

DreadX221962d ago

You can open specific things with the F keys. F1 is crafting, F2 is skills etc.

Christopher1962d ago

I tried that out on the first day and it didn't work. I'll try again. Thanks.

pr0digyZA1962d ago

There are already mods that remove some HUD elements , but it is great that it is getting official support.

trancefreak1962d ago

You have any quick links for modding this game?

Just looking for a good scene to get my mods from. I am kinda out of the loop these days.

Thanks in advance.

pr0digyZA1962d ago

Here are some, like one where they just remove the map on screen, another that improves the gun sights (as the one gun has a super bright sight) and more...
Just go through all the pages and see if you like anything.

MEsoJD1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I would like to remove the hud, but keep the button prompts for quick time events. Soon as I edited the hud out I got attacked by a tiger and was ultimately eaten :/ Also have my only health show up when I heal or get hurt.

trancefreak1962d ago

I hate that! Especially if you run out of fire proof you have some crazed coke attic chasing you with a machete while you are trying dose the flames off your body and while taking bullet rounds.

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