GDC 2008: Echochrome Impressions by Eurogamer

Eurogamer writes:

"With echochrome due out in Japan this time next month for PSP and PS3's PlayStation Network, Sony brought along a tutorial and three-level demo for Game Developers Conference attendees to wrap their confused eyes and hands around. We played it. Now we're writing about it. Having a good time? Can I get you anything?"

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decapitator3803d ago

This game will be fun as hell. Am yet to try it but in a few words, this is the game that you can tag as "Insane mindless fun". The concept and every about this game makes me want to try it.

I will be getting the PS3 and PSN version when it comes out.

kornbeaner3802d ago

Can;t wait for this game. kind've funny how they mention 1080p.
Most of the game is lines it better be 1080p. Can't wait this game is gonna be fun.